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Yoga is rapidly increasing in popularity in the United States. For example, a statistical survey compiled by “Yoga Journal”, revealed a 30% increase in the number of Americans practicing Yoga in the last 4 years. It estimates that there are currently 20.4 million Americans engaging in this alternative practice. According to this survey, motivations for practicing Yoga included improved flexibility, stress relief, improved general health and achievement of fitness goals.

Some people practice Yoga for its spiritual benefits in terms of the inner peace and calm that such an exercise brings. While these benefits are quite appealing there is one thing that might surprise you. Yoga can also improve your eyesight naturally. There is a specific branch of eye exercises called Yoga eye exercises which keep the eye muscles strong, improve eyesight and relieve stress and tension in the eyes.

As a success story, former Beatles star and critically acclaimed song writer and musician Paul McCartney, is an advocate of Yoga eye exercises and has introduced his own Eye Yoga Exercise Video demonstrating the practice of these techniques. The practice of Yoga places a special emphasis on eye exercises.Yoga eye exercises are actually quite similar in nature to the types of techniques that are performed in a regular eye exercise program. For example, like regular eye exercise techniques they involve a series of eye movements from side to side, up and down, in addition to eye rolling exercises and palming.

Yoga consists of a series of poses that are also known as “asanas”. These exercises target different parts of the body responsible for relieving stress. In addition, Yoga Eye exercises improve the flexibility and elasticity of the eye muscles while increasing mental focus and concentration. Some may ask why the eyes need exercise. The answer to that question is the fact that we live in a world whereby our increasing reliance on technology places stressful demands on our eyes.

The eyes were not designed to undergo this intense near-point stress that comes from prolonged reading, studying and straining at computers without breaks. This near point stress causes them to lose their ability to focus properly. The eyes have muscles much like any other part of the body and the way to improve visual performance is by strengthening these muscles via eye exercise techniques.

Note:Consult your Yoga eye care practitioner to determine the health and condition of your eyes before beginning any eye yoga routine.Work at your own pace with fewer reps and then gradually build on your routine.

Here is a stress relieving eye yoga routine for eyes. First of all clear your mind of all distractions. Then, close your eyes as tightly as possible however, avoid scrunching them up. Then, proceed to open and close them again. Repeat this technique six times. Find a comfortable position whereby you can relax your body either by sitting on a chair or lying on your back on a couch. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for 30 seconds. Then open your eyes and focus on an object. Close your eyes again and take a few deep breaths and then visualize the object in your mind. This visualization technique soothes and relaxes the visual system while improving concentration.


Here are some Yoga eye exercises that improve vision while strengthening the eye muscles. If you are not a beginner roll your eyes for about a minute. If you are a beginner to practicing eye exercises, perform 1 repetition of eye rolls by rolling your eyes in a clockwise direction and then reverse the direction to a counter-clockwise manner.

With your eyes open try to sit in a comfortable position and look up as far as you possibly can. Hold this position momentarily. Then, move your eyes downward and look at the tip of your nose. Hold this pose for a few seconds. Start blinking a few times and repeat this routine five times. Do not over-exert your eyes during this technique. Finish this technique with palming; a technique particularly helpful in relieving eye strain.

This is performed by rubbing both hands together until they are warm. Then, gently cup your warm hands together over your closed eyes and allow the warmth of your hands generated by friction to sooth the eye muscles for a period of 30 seconds. For maximum benefits perform these techniques on a regular basis.

Yoga eye exercises share certain similarities with regular eye exercise programs. Their benefits relate to the strengthening of the eye muscles which in turn improves eyesight. Techniques such as palming, eye rolls and visualization techniques sooth the eyes and the mind relieving stress and tension in the visual system. Ultimately, not only does this alternative practice benefit eye health, but it does contribute to the overall health and well-being of the body, mind and the soul.

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