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All of us have gone through that one day when our eye itches beyond bounds and all we feel like doing is reaching up there to scratch it. An itchy eye is a common problem faced by many. This issue takes a toll for the worse when you're in a highly polluted environment. This unpleasant sensation around the eyes could trigger due to minute reasons such as touching and rubbing eyes often.

However, for instant relief from this itch, there are some easy-to-follow steps that you could resort to and find a natural solution.


1. Avoid rubbing and touching your eyes too often: Constantly touching and rubbing your eyes could irritate the situation some more and worsen the condition. Therefore, keep your hands far away from wandering anywhere close to your eyes. You can also apply a cold compress to your eyes to help ease the itch.

2. No hot compresses for itching: The chemical that causes the itching sensation is called histamines. When you apply heat to your eyes, this chemical gets released and makes your eye all the more itchy and twitchy. Hence, avoid doing the same and refrain from doing so.

3. Rinse your eyes with some eye drops: If the condition is really unbearable and not allowing you to carry your daily chores, you could opt to apply drops to help wash out the irritation you're facing. Never apply tap water on your eyes as it is could hold microorganisms.

4. Visit an eye specialist: If the condition of your eyes fails to improve in spite of using all the above mentioned natural techniques, you could visit an Ophthalmology doctor to help analyze your irritation and prescribe the required dosage to help comfort your eyes.

5. Book an appointment online: Your vision is one of the most delicate organs in your body and hence, it is crucial for you to take all the precautionary measures. Ensure that you are not responsible for the deteriorating condition of your eyes and book an ophthalmologist appointment online right away.

It is always vital for you to take good care of your eyes as they are the first line of defense against infection and damage caused by dust particles. Some of the preventive measures that you must implement to keep your eyes at its healthy best include getting a general check to ensure your eyes are healthy.

A few other eye care tips include:

  1. Blinking more often.
  2. Lower your computer usage at work more. Looking up exposes your eyes to the air that could cause dust from entering more often.
  3. Keep handy a cooling eye drop and make use of them as and when the need arises.

It is crucial for you to keep in touch with an ophthalmologist. If you're unsure about any in your vicinity, you could log on to the India ophthalmology directory, get a list of the experts in and around your locality to assist you get in touch with one.

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