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Cataracts are considered one of the main reasons behind the primary cause of poor vision in adults. However, it is to be noted that cataracts do not lead to loss of sight. Cataract treatment in most cases has been 95% successful in restoring good vision.

Cataracts are nothing but the clouding of the eye's lens. This lens is mainly responsible for transmitting image after it enters the eye. A cloudy lens hinders effective passage of light, which in turn, results in blurred or cloudy vision. This can be corrected by replacing the lens.


A cataract is not visible from outside of the eye and needs to be diagnosed by an eye doctor. A number of methods are used to understand the size, type, and location of the cataract. It is to be noted that a cataract cannot be cured with just medication, change of diet or eye drops. The only way to restore clear vision is by undergoing surgery. An artificial lens, intraocular lens implant (IOL) is used which is a premium quality lens and offers excellent vision to patients.

All patients who have undergone cataract surgery have experienced a rapid return to excellent vision. With the advancement in technology, and modern surgical techniques, cataract surgery has become extremely simple and offers successful results in most cases. However, patients may be advised to wear glasses, especially for reading after the surgery is performed.

Since this surgery does not require any kind of general anesthesia, patients recover very rapidly and can return home within hours. However, the eyes will take a few weeks to heal completely, but patients can return to their normal lives in a day or two after the surgery is performed.

There are state of the art facilities available for the treatment of various eye conditions. Many eye care centers and ophthalmologists use highly advanced and sophisticated computerized surgical equipment for eye treatment for various eye diseases and injuries. Whether it is cataracts, Lasik vision correction, cosmetic surgery or surgery for retinal disorders, there is a medical solution for the most simple as well as complex eye problems. Cataracts are the most common eye problem seen among older people and laser surgery is used for the removal of these cataracts. The procedure is usually performed using local anesthesia and a microscope is used during the surgery. This surgery usually takes about 20 minutes.

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