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Low vision can rein havoc for a person, any person, since we are unable to see and perceive our external world through our eyes. With age, our eyes become weaker and there are also instances where our eyes are subjected to many eye problems like eye diseases. These along with the fact that there are numerous eye problems like loss of vision, cataracts, corneal problems etc which crop up with age.

The eyes make everyday life so easy and fluid we sometimes become too accustomed with ignoring the fact that our eyes do a lot of things simultaneously. It picks up the images around us, sends it to the brain for processing and then brain uses the same to perceive details about the outer world. This whole process is generally done so swiftly that we do not understand that we are actually doing something. Seeing and perceiving the world comes so naturally to us that we sometimes forget that we need to take care of our eyes properly to enjoy the outer world since a long time.


But with age there will be a time when people will lose their good vision and their eyes will start to show the signs of ageing. As the time goes on many people see that their eyes getting worse, some even lose their eyesight forever. This is a reason why it makes perfect sense to get the best solution for eyes while there is time.

The first idea for preserving and coping with low vision is to get an eye checkup every few months preferably six months apart to see if there is a change in power and get spectacles fitted with proper lenses. This can make a huge impact on people looking for ways to keep eyesight in check. Regular checkup can also detect abnormalities easily and faster than usual so that people suffering from already low vision can cope up with their vision loss in the best way.

The other way around it is to look out for ways to get the best eyeglasses lenses available for the people with vision loss. Good lenses can help correct vision better and faster. They can also improve the way one sees the world. With a clear and good quality high index lens, even people with strong power can see clearly.

Again there are options for people with vision loss to see if they have cataracts or corneal problems. Sometimes a thin closing appears of the eyes creating vision loss and making everything we see clouded and hard to focus on. It is quite natural for aged people, so the ones with a blurred vision can surely benefit from the checkup which determines cataracts. Cataracts can be operated and removed to clear vision, making them the ideal choice for people suffering from the same problem.

Eating a healthy diet which is rich in proteins and minerals can be essential to the way your eyes are in the future and even now. A good diet rich with vitamins and minerals include leafy greens, fruits like oranges, melons, lemons, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries and more are great for the eyes. Also having fish is a good source of Omega 3 Fatty acids and good animal protein which ensures that your eyes get all the nutrition they need. The good food coupled with good eyecare like proper eye checkup and timely treatments can result In good eyecare and can even stop the loss of vision.

Also good sleep is necessary to recover our eyes since less sleep can impact the health of our eyes. The people who sleep 6 to 8 hours a day are said to have better eyesight for longer. This is because they get ample time to provide eyes their needed rest. Every day, till we shut our eyes down, eyes tend to work diligently to offer us the best vision possible, but It needs time to repair and recover itself, which is done at the time of sleep. While it may become difficult to get a long 6 to 8 hours sleep, the same can be taken multiple times a day.

These facts might seem simple but can help anyone to fight their vision loss and prepare themselves for a better future life.

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