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Eyes are the organs that can face many problems as age pass by. But, nowadays not only age, but also many other factors can create problem in vision. Here are the details about the problems that can be created in eyes:

Some vision problems to know:


  1. Myopia or nearsightedness is a condition, wherein people can see close objects clearly, but distance objects will be blurry.
  2. Hyperopia or farsightedness is a condition, wherein people can see distance objects clearly, but close objects will be blurry.
  3. For those older than 40 years and have trouble in reading small prints, this is generally a condition known as presbyopia.
  4. Astigmatism is a condition that causes blurred vision, but it is caused due to the shape of the cornea.

These conditions can affect the shape of the eyes and its vision to a great extent. There are natural remedies for weak eye vision that can help people to get out of these conditions without the need for glasses.

Herbs effective for curing eye problems:

  1. Honey is generally considered a natural cure for eye infections and this is why it is added in the natural remedies for weak eye vision called as I-Lite capsules. It can be of great help in curing dry, itchy and pink eyes. It has the best cleansing properties as well.
  2. It is said that rubbing a small amount of ghee on soles of the feet can be of great help in improving eye vision. This is why natural products like I-Lite capsules have this ingredient.
  3. Earlier for eye issues like night blindness and pterygium, the powder of piper nigrum, which is nothing, but the popular pepper was recommended to be applied with honey. This is because pepper is known to bring about an improvement in the vision.
  4. Cardamom, which is scientifically called as elettaria cardamomum is highly effective in treating eye problems. Experts are of the opinion that a powder of three cardamom pods mixed with honey when applied to the eyes continuously for three months can be effective in treating glaucoma. This remedy can be helpful for good eyesight as well. I-Lite capsule includes both these ingredients, thereby called as the best among the natural remedies for weak eye vision.
  5. Glycyrrhiza glabra is nothing, but the popular licorice and it is known to effectively bring down the under-eye darkness. So, in addition to curing the problems in eyes, I-Lite capsules can be effective in curing the darkness under the eyes.
  6. Asparagus Racemosus, which is otherwise called as shatavari is a good eye tonic. It is helpful in impaired eye sight and it can be effective in curing eye diseases.
  7. Celastrus paniculatus, which is known as jyotishmati is an herb that can be effective in curing inflammation in eyes and it is known to be effective in curing conjunctivitis.

Not only these herbs, there are many other herbs in I-Lite capsules to provide the natural improvement to the vision in men and women.

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