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You must be wondering what exactly are multifocal lenses. The days of having two pairs of glasses are now over – you can have multiple prescriptions in one! The main purpose of multifocal lenses is to provide you with two to three prescriptions in one lens. The top portion of the lens is powered so that one is able to see things at a distance. The middle portion of the lens is powered for computer use or to have the ability to see things clearly at about an arms length. The bottom portion of the lens is typically powered with a magnification which is used for reading. It's important to note that there are two different kind of multifocal lenses of which you might prefer one over the other. It's all about your preference and what feels comfortable to you.

The bifocal:
This kind of lens will have just two vision fields which are distinctly apparent.You can literally see the line separating the prescription and magnification. The upper portion normally has a prescription that is used for distance and the lower portion has a magnification that is used for reading.


The progressive:
Essentially it's the same idea as the bifocal but the abrupt and distinct line is blended so that the two (or three) vision fields are merged seamlessly.

Wearing either of these lenses is beneficial to you. They eliminate the need for a second pair of glasses which saves you time (searching endlessly for them) and money (one pair is cheaper than two!). When a person has a second pair of reading glasses, they are often used less than the main pair; they are usually misplaced or handled a bit rougher and are prone to being scratched and/or broken. By having multifocal lenses, the problem of “where are my glasses?” becomes a thing of the past.

Some feel comfortable with having the distinct line differentiating the different vision fields while others prefer to have the seamless look. These days prescription glasses are so much easier to order than in the past. It's recommended to try both for a few days to see which one suits you best. It's important to know that adapting to your new multifocals might take some time. It's not recommended to drive while wearing your multifocals for at least a week. Start off by wearing the glasses for a few hours everyday and increase the amount of time by an hour or two. Practice normal everyday activities and notice the little adjustments that you will have to make while wearing them. It's very important to remember to allow a fair amount of time to get used to your multifocal glasses, even if they give you a headache for the first day or two.

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