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Cataract is the disease developed an oparcification in the crystalline lens of eye and the problems is this deficiency cannot be improve by the either by medication or glasses. The only treatment that can save your eye vision is cataract surgery. The best part of this therapy is one can eradicate it after the doctor advise and you would not feel any complication in your day to day work. The main purpose of this therapy is it involves the removal of the infected crystalline lens and eye lens replacement is an artificial treatment proceeds by the intraocular lens. Ophthalmologist Glasgow is the place where the procedure takes places by applying local anesthesia. The eye anesthetic comes in the form of eye drop which immobilize the retina of the eye but the patient don't lose the all body senses and remain conscious during the surgical treatment. The studies has shown the result that 90% cases of retinal surgery are successful and Cataract Surgery Cost is the economic in Glasgow so no wonder every eye patient can afford its cost. There are three kinds of techniques used by the eye ophthalmologist to proceed the cataract surgery but goal always same while the difference is only in size, location and equipments of incision.

The place named as the phacomulsification or phaco where the surgery takes place and a phaco is the technical equipment through which the operation carried out and ultrasonic rays is inserted in eye that generates the ultrasonic frequency that emulsify the lens. When the lens is emulsified the probes suctions the whole part and clear the outer boundary and prepare it to put the artificial lens on the surface of the eye. The ECCE (EXTRAXAPSULAR CATRACT EXTRACTION) completes by making incision approximately 10-12 mm in the sclera or cornea that mutually extracts the crystalline lens. It's the perfect techniques observed by the nuclear cataracts for the eye lens treatment while the ECCE confirmed by the huge incision and also have some, kind of risk to precede the eye lens replacement. Most of the eye surgeon operate through the microscopic technique and high quality machine that scared the patient in some way but ophthalmologist Glasgow is the place complication have no place in the cataract surgery but whenever you think you should go for the eye lens replacement consult the best eye surgeon and follow the only prescribed guidelines and also take care after the surgical treatment.

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