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Gone are the days when car branded products (e.g., garments and accessories) were all about brand saturation, with large, screaming logos printed on them like a luxury throw-up. Anything and everything that can bear brand logos and sold to the masses for a quick buck were all the rage in the 90s, which was considered the golden age of the trend. However, people very easily grew tired of the flashy tats that made supposedly luxurious brands look cheap and cheesy. Today, however, luxury companies are rebooting the trend with better design and product choices. While Porsche is well known for leading this trend, many car giants have also been experimenting with designer luxury items such as Mercedes Benz and their posh eyewear line.

Mercedes Benz eyewear strays far away from the trashy tragedy of 90s car-branded accessories and sticks to stylish designs that are true to the prestige and luxury of the brand. A true leader and innovator in the automobile friend, Mercedes stays true to what the brand is famous for, which is the proper balance of function and design.


Mercedes Benz sunglasses are definite eye candies (pun intended). Their shapes and overall design are a mix of modern and classic forms, with unconventional colors that give the collection a unique edge. The brand's sunglass collection ensures designs that suit all face shapes, ranging from round frames to traditional square frames and their take on pilot frames. True to their standards, Mercedes Benz sunglasses and all other products under the same brand and name are made out of only the best materials.

Their eyeglass line is every bit as fabulous as their sunglass line, except they come in more traditional colors and shapes. They have the usual mix of rectangle, square, and round frames, along with traditional colors like red, blue, and yellow. Mercedes Benz eyeglasses offer superior designs that are easy to wear and are great choices if you want something that can go with any outfit.

The Mercedes Benz style philosophy is based on the principle of perfect form and function. They combine intelligent and progressive designs with innovative materials, structures, color combinations, and shape, making every product they produce of the highest quality. Mercedes Benz is a name that is synonymous with innovation, design, and uncompromising quality, which makes their products unmistakably dynamic and highly sought after by those who want the perfect balance between style and form.

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