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Somebody may doubts that rimless eyeglasses frames are impossible to realize because the lenses can hardly be held on without the full rim. Nevertheless, they are wrong because if the legs of the frame are strengthened, it is impossible to have the rimless eyewear frames. Besides, rimless eyeglasses frames have other merits as following.

In the first place, rimless eyeglasses frames can save material as the environmentalists wish. The only cost of the resources is the legs which have to be sustainable. In that way, the material can be significantly saved for the other purposes. Statics show that if a pair of rimless eyewear frames can save 10g metal, then millions of such glasses can save as much as possible which means a great deal of treasure to the human race.


What's more, rimless eyewear frames won't make you feel hurt or uncomfortable become of the weight of the glasses. They won't be a burden for you in that they are weightless except the lenses. So it is perfectly suitable for the myopia with a strong prescription for the lenses are thick enough which make their noses unbearable.

Last but not the least; rimless eyewear frames will not let you allergic. To some people who are allergic to the metal, the full rim glasses are not fitting for their skins so they have to resort to the contact lenses, but in turn they will do harm to their eyes. Rimless eyewear frames are good choices because they will not at least feel irritable to the lenses thus remaining the function of the eyeglasses.

To sum up, rimless eyewear frames have a lot of advantages which facilitate our lives and protect our environment. So let us buy a pair of rimless eyewear frames to enjoy the effect of killing two hawks with one arrow.

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