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In the Middle East region the sun can make temperatures soar over 50c along with high levels of ultra-violet1 (UV) rays that can damage unprotected eyes. Research shows that while the public is very aware of the risks of skin cancer and ageing from exposure to UV light rays, they are almost totally unaware of the risks to our eyes all year-round. Not only can UV rays pierce cloud cover, they reflect off all surfaces at different – and often surprisingly high – degrees2. UV exposure can occur all day, every day and it can be up to 30 times higher when reflected off water3..

Young teenagers are at most risk to UV exposure due to clear media, large pupils and more time spent in the outdoors without having proper protections. With modern technologies in contact lenses such as ACUVUE Brand Contact Lenses, the summer need not be a time to hide indoors. The ACUVUE Brand has a range of daily disposable and reusable contact lenses that have some of the highest UV blocking features of any disposable contact lens currently on the market. ACUVUE is the only major brand with UV blocking across its entire line of contact lenses, offering both Class I and Class II UV blocking .Class I has the highest standard of UV blocking available for contact lenses such as 1-DAY ACUVUE TruEye that blocks 99% of UVB rays and 90% of UVA rays.


Hats and wraparound sunglasses are an essential part of outdoor life during the Middle Eastern summer, but they are not always practical for outdoor activities such as sports, especially for people needing vision correction. Sunglasses and spectacles alone will not block all UV rays, as sunlight can still reach the eyes through the sides of the sunglasses. This is due to UV-rays being reflected by pavements, sand and water which can leak around the sides of the lenses of your sunglasses, unless you are wearing wraparound style sunglasses. ACUVUE contact lenses can provide the protection that consumers need during the summer months, allowing them to continue to participate in outdoor activities with full peripheral vision.

Research4 suggests that wearers of ACUVUE lenses wear them more regularly than any other brand, suggesting high levels of customer satisfaction with comfort, affordability and other product attributes including UV protection3.

With summer around the corner, visit an Eye Care Professional to get expert advice on which contact lenses best fits your lifestyle and eye care needs, and get a complimentary contact lens fitting. For more information please visit:

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