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All About Glaucoma And The Treatment Of Glaucoma

Eyes are one of the most vital organs in the body; through which one can see the whole world. While we are working, sometimes our stress levels increase, which is supported by fluid within the eye. This fluid is known as aqueous humour that is located in the anterior chamber which is situated behind the iris of the eye.


While this fluid circulates through the eye, with the help of drainage tunnels which are located between the space of cornea and the iris, this gap can become restricted or blocked.

Due to such a restriction in the flow of this fluid, the aqueous humour can't properly drain from the eye which causes increased intraocular pressure which is one of the most common symptoms of Glaucoma.

It is a must for you to check your eyes regularly, especially after the age of 40, for the early detection of the onset of glaucoma or other degenerative eye diseases. Ophthalmologist can carry out a simple eye examination for glaucoma detection which is easy and painless. For this detection, visual field examinations and fundus photographs are taken and then examined.

The commonest causes of this Eyes Disease are due to diabetes, trauma, genetics or hypertension. Additionally, glaucoma can also be connected with age and, in the main, it is suffered by older people. There are two different types of glaucoma; chronic glaucoma and acute glaucoma. A number of people are affected with chronic glaucoma.

The fact is that it is not easily cured but it can be operated on by experts. People, who are suffering from such a situation, will lose their sight gradually over time which is why it is often referred to as 'the sneak-thief of sight'.

One can identify open-angle glaucoma with a slow loss of peripheral vision and it can normally be treated with a course of eye drops, depending upon the severity of the condition.

We can say that chronic glaucoma is one of the most dangerous eye disorders as one cannot get any clear symptoms about the disease. As the blockage occurs gradually, one cannot easily notice its outward symptoms and its onward progression. As compared to acute glaucoma, chronic glaucoma is the most common one.

One method of treatment is to use eye drops as a treatment of glaucoma and patients should consult Ophthalmology for more information. Now, you may be wondering what is Ophthalmology? Ophthalmology deals with physiology, anatomy, and diseases of the eye and an ophthalmologist helps to sort out surgical and medical eye is one of the best online stores that supply treatments for various different conditions of the eyes, including glaucoma, by simply applying a six week course of their special Bright Eyes drops for Glaucoma.

Glaucoma can usually be treated very successfully with these eye drops, apart from very severe cases which may ultimately require surgery.

Acute glaucoma is also known as 'angle-closure' or closed-angle glaucoma and the usual symptoms include; cloudy vision, severe pain in one or both eyes and a sometimes a change in the colour of the view of their surroundings and this type can very quickly lead to damage of the optic nerve and ensuing blindness unless emergency medical treatment isn't sought immediately.

Be sure to always go for regular eye examinations and take proper care of your eyes to ensure that you maintain good vision long into your latter years.

Ageless eyes; Ethos Bright Eyes Drops are also an excellent prophylactic and, by simply applying just one or two drops a day into each eye as a maintenance dose, they will help stop you from ever developing any eye diseases or disorders in the future and will keep your eyes looking healthy, bright and sparking… so order yours today.

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