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Just like any surgery, cataract surgery increases risks like infection. The physician advise the patient several precautions and ask to stop taking medicines as it increases bleeding danger while surgery. After surgery, extra care needs to be given to the eyes and the patient must not touch them without properly washing the hands and use prescribed medications to minimize the chances of any infection. The serious types of infection might lead to loss of vision.

Cataract surgery leads to rise in the danger of retinal detachment even after removing cataract from eyes. One of the common symptoms of retinal detachment is rise in flashes or floaters. Floaters are small cobwebs in the field of vision. Retinal detachment must be given adequate attention as it calls for medical urgency. Eye drops for cataract treatment prevents such issues. Also early detection of eye illness prevents loss of vision. Taking timely treatment increases the chance to regain better eye sight.


Several types of precautions need to be taken before the surgery as well. Some of the tests need to be carried out by the patient that includes measuring the curvature of the cornea, shape and size of the eye. All these facts help to choose the right type of doctor.But why to go for these expensive surgeries that brings lot of precautions before and after and may lead to serious complications when eye drops for cataract treatment are available.

Mild discomfort and irritation in eyes are other common signs of cataract operation. Fluid discharges also occur at regular intervals. The eyes become more sensitive to light and even to gentle touch.It leads to discomfort but within a day or two, discomfort disappears. Just after few days of surgery, doctor suggests to make best use of eye drops to heal and decrease the chances of infection. Post surgery, it is important to wear dark colored eye glasses to protect the eyes and no pressure or rubbing should be done on eyes.

Even at home, some precaution needs to be followed to pick anything from ground. Avoid doing anything in haste and do not lift heavy objects. You can walk and do some simple household chores can be done. The duration of healing differs from person to person based on immunity levels and usually completes in 8 weeks. Some problems occur even after surgery like bleeding, infection, inflammation, loss of vision, double vision and feeling of excessive pressure on eyes. All these risks can be resolved by giving timely medical attention to your eyes and using eye drops for cataract treatment.

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