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Whether you are getting glasses for the first time or have already purchased some in the past, you'll quickly find that not all glasses are priced equally. If the thought of needing glasses feels threatening to your budget, consider searching for cheap eyeglasses. You are not alone if you are wondering if it is wise to try saving money on such an important item; one that, in most cases, will be the first thing you reach for each day. It is a common concern. It deserves questioning, and it will behoove you to get answers you can trust.

“Cheap” Need Not Equal Less Quality


The word can carry a negative connotation, but “cheap” merely means less in cost. If you look at the word in a dictionary, it is not suggested to be negative, except for further down in the definitions, indicating a less significant usage. Getting something cheaper (less expensive) actually shows that you are wise, both in general and with your money. Paying top prices might pave an easier road, but it is not always the case. Getting eyeglasses certainly does not need to mean that you are sacrificing quality or service.

Built-in Services

The more expensive glasses may have other services figured into the price. The higher-priced glasses are often those coming from a private-practice optometrist, but larger, national chains offer few differences other than the no-appointment factor. Sometimes, the speed of delivery will vary as well. This keeps the prices very close at both establishments, as you may have already seen for yourself. Services regularly built into the cost of glasses are:

  • Free eye exams
  • Delivery fees
  • Fitting fees
  • After delivery check-ups
  • Adjustments
  • Quick replacement guarantees
  • Unlimited minor maintenance
  • Stocking brand name frames

Your Peace of Mind

You cannot put a price on your peace of mind, and paying extra to have an array of services built into the price feels like a no-brainer to some. Especially in this economy, though, others feel the most comfort in the way that takes the least amount of money out of their pocket on a given day. That is the beauty of choices; they are ours to make. If you do choose to go with the less expensive glasses, perhaps by getting them online, you need not feel that you are giving up your peace of mind regarding the product's integrity. Throughout the industry, highly qualified lab technicians put prescriptions in lenses. Paying less for your glasses does not change that fact.

What You Can Expect To See

You can get excellent products at great prices. Don't assume you have to choose between getting quality glasses and buying groceries. Many private practices will kindly help you with minor adjustments, even if you did not buy from them. (It is a goodwill gesture they perform, as it goes a long way in enhancing their reputation in the community.) They will often do minor maintenance at no charge or very little. Spending less on glasses could mean forgoing some free services, but not necessarily. You can choose cheaper glasses at full-service stores too, simply by steering away from pricey brand-name frames.

The most important thing is that your glasses have the right prescription for you, and qualified lab technicians are abundant. Cheaper glasses, in no way, must mean substandard glasses.

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