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Strabismus is an eye disorder that causes the eyes to lose coordination and resulting in trouble focusing on one point. The eye or eyes can turn in, out, up, or down, but the cause is the same and researchers have been using Botox successfully for treating the condition. After going to an ophthalmologist, you can help determine if you are the right candidate for Botox treatments if you suffer from strabismus. Milder cases may be treated with exercises or glasses while more extreme cases might require surgery rather than a Botox treatment plan.

Strabismus either develops in childhood for unknown causes or results from illness, trauma, or untreated symptoms from childhood. With esotropia the eyes turn toward the nose, and exotropia is when they point outwards, and in either case they might move a bit upward or downward as well. Recently a study was done showing that a majority of patients (about 60-80 percent depending on the type of strabismus) were able to correct the problem using Botox.


Botox works by being injected into the medial rectus muscle that control its inward eye movements. The Botox helps to balance the muscles between the two eyes, and is an alternative to getting surgery. The Botox treatment is not a long-term fix though, as it is required every 3 months or so, but some patients have reported the eye stays in place after a few treatments.

The procedure is fairly simple but not always easy, the injection takes place with the patient needing to first wait for the doctor to find the right spot using an EMG machine but then injecting the Botox is harder. The patient needs to move the eye towards the nose while a small needle is applied to the medial rectus. The procedure is FDA approved and minimally invasive though, so don't worry, just get the injections from a trained professional.

Botox for strabismus has its side effects to be sure to get an appointment with an ophthalmologist before considering treatment. After injection the muscles weaken and spasms go away or become less frequent to stabilise the vision of both eyes. Patients only need to be partly anaesthetised and the effects should occur pretty quickly. So if you suffer from strabismus the Botox treatment might be the right way to go depending on the severity of the condition and how well the response is to treatment.

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