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You might spend many hours every day at the gym or fitness center and follow a strict or even harsh dieting plans only because of your health. However, like millions of other people, you might have also been neglecting one major organ of your body, the Eyes. Have you ever thought about the health of your eyes? Have you even tried to follow eye care tips like you do in case of other health care tips? Most probably not. Well, if you have been ignoring your eyes, now you can take care of them, below you will read some simplest eyes tips and if you follow them, you can settle the score for your past mistakes.

Tip #1: Sunken Eyes


Sitting for many hours right in front of a computer screen can cause you to have sunken eyes. Here is a simple tip that can help you tackle with this issue.

  • First of all, check for if your computer has anti-glare so the strain on eyes can be reduced.
  • Secondly, when you sit at computer, make sure that you don't sit continuously for many hours, take breaks in between.
  • Thirdly, when you have sit to work on computer, keep blinking so the eyes can be lubricated properly.
  • Use a natural home remedy: Take honey (1 tablespoon), almond oil (half spoon) and mix them before applying on your eyes. Gently massage with this solution on eyes. Repeat the same practice for few days and you will soon see how your tired eyes look great and relaxed.

Tip #2: Dark Circles

Experiencing dark circles should be taken seriously as this may spoil the beautiful look of your eyes. Here is another simple remedy for dealing with this issue. Take cold teabags and put them on tired eyes and soon you will see that the soreness over eyes has gone away. In case, you don't find it effective, you can use cotton balls which should be dipped in cold water and then place them on eyes for five to ten minutes. This will help you improve dark circles and remove dryness.

Tip #3: Avoid UV Rays

Like you need to protect your skin from the UV Rays, the same you need to do for your eyes. Buy a good pair of sunglasses and always wear them whenever you go ou tin the sun. Don't even look directly towards the sun and try to stay within the shade as much as possible.

Tip #4: Adopt Healthy Habits

Adopt healthy habits and bring positive changes in your lifestyle. Include raw veggies in your diet, do exercises on daily basis and quite smoking. Taking regular exercises will help your body improve the flow of blood which will in the results reduce the excessive pressure on eyes.

Tip #5: Don't Read In Moving Vehicles

It has been observed that many people love reading while they are traveling in vehicles which is good to pass time but wrong for the eyes. When vehicle is moving, you can't concentrate on reading and have to focus more which gives unnecessary stress on eyes. Therefore, reading in vehicle in never suggested.

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