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Oftentimes, people already know that their eyes need to be checked, but they are just reluctant since that they will be required to wear safety glasses at work, and they don't want to wear those giant goggles over their new glasses.

Actually, you can have prescription safety glasses that look fashionable. In fact, if you find yourself in a situation where in you do not have regular glasses, prescription safety glasses could come very handy for you. In this article, you will find answers to some of the questions you have in mind with regards to this kind of eye protection.


Why should I have prescription safety glasses?

Among the worst kinds of industrial accidents is damage or loss of eyesight, and at the same time, it is also one of the most preventable. In fact, over 90 percent of eye injuries can be prevented with proper eye protection.

If you are among the people who are facing vision problems, but do not want to wear contacts, safety prescription glasses are the best option. With this, you can have the assurance that your eyes are protected from any harmful element, and at the same time, give you a clear vision with what you are working with.

Will I need to wear big, bulk, nerdy-looking glasses?

The answer is a big NO. These days, prescription safety glasses are far from what you used to see during the old days. The truth is, between the stronger, impact-resistant, and lighter polycarbonate lenses along with fashionable frames to choose from, you'll find it hard to believe that they are actually prescription safety glasses. Although this eyewear will be quite bigger compared to the usual eyeglasses, it is for the purpose of giving your eyes full protection.

In what way can prescription safety glasses protect my eyes?

As it was mentioned, polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant. With this, even if there is something that will hit the eyewear hard, the element will not shatter into your eyes. We can therefore say that safety prescription glasses can be worn even if you work in a place where caustic chemicals, flying particles, and power tools are present. Moreover, prescription safety glasses can help on giving your eyes protection from damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Is it my obligation to pay for my prescription safety glasses when I only need them at work?

This concern is something that you need to discuss with your employer. There are employers who pay the cost of the safety prescription glasses that employees need for work. In case that your employer does not pick up the cost, it is advisable that you keep hold of the receipt to use that as a tax write off. Nonetheless, it is best that you discuss this with the accountant of the company where you work to ensure that everything will go smooth.

Safety prescription glasses are truly a must-have. Aside from the fact that it will give your eyes protection, which is very priceless, it will also keep you from looking nerd while wearing it.

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