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Doing the sums

Till now people who are using spec or glasses wouldn't have thought how much money they have wasted for having better vision without using glasses or contacts.


So let us check how much they have wasted their money and how?

A person who have number is for sure will be using glasses or contacts. So now let us ask them from how many years they are using glasses. Most of them have started using glasses since they were child so even if we consider their age now between 25 to 35.

From 18 years they would be using glasses or will be using glasses later also because we cannot rectify number until we undergo Lasik surgery.

GLASSES or SPEC ….. Cost ?

  1. Normal glass a very basic model would cost you up to 1000 Rs (INR)= 20$ USD that too depending upon their numbers or vision power.
  2. We are pretty sure that we may change our glasses every 6 months whatever might be the reason so in this 18 years we would have changed our glasses say around 36 times so let us round up the figure and take it 30 times at least. So now let us calculate Cost of glasses in this 18 years
  3. 30*1000= 30,000 Rupees (INR) = 550 $ USD.

Doctor Fee or optometrist's fee ?

  1. A normal doctor would charge you upto 400 per sitting so twice in a year you would go for eye check up.
  2. Now calculate 30*400 = 12,000 INR Rupees = 220 $ USD.

So Total comes up to 42,000 INR = 770 $ USD.

Of course these figures are rough estimates. They'll be different for everyone and the younger you are when you have surgery, the more you'll save in the long run. And having surgery doesn't totally rule out needing glasses later on most people will still become long-sighted when they reach middle age.

The Cost of Lasik surgery is 40,000 INR which is very much equal to the cost of check ups and glasses or contacts estimation. But the advantage in going through Lasik surgery is you do not have to depend upon glasses or contact.

Nearly 60% women and 40% men from world's population are going through Lasik surgery.

Easy EMI facilities:-

If you don't have 42,000 lying around you might need to borrow money to spread the cost of laser eye surgery and the good news is the big clinics all offer interest-free emi facilities on your credit card.

As one of the pioneers in eye hospital in India, we strive to give our clients the most innovative range of services available. In our endeavor to offer best possible services to our valued patients, we are now offering EMI scheme for HDFC credit card holder. This feature allows you to swipe your card for desired eye surgery, ensuring that you can pay your bill in 6 EMIs at no extra cost (no hidden cost).

Alternatively you could use a 0% credit card or personal loan to pay for the eye surgery.

The risks

  1. All surgery comes with risks and laser eye surgery is no different. Make sure you go to a reputable clinic, preferably in Mumbai , and thoroughly check out the surgeon who will be performing your surgery.
  2. Although the majority of people get a good result and suffer negligible side effects, think carefully before you have it done.
  3. But with the increase in technology there is new Lasik surgery called “iLasik” , which gives best results and it is bladeless surgery.
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