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Eye exam and eye care should be a vital part of our healthcare, but very few people accept this thing. Most of us believe that only children require regular eye care & exam and avoid their own care. But they all fail to remember “a great eye exam is more than just a test”. Main benefits of it are:

Check Your Vision Capability


During a visual exam the optometrist will check your vision capability, its health, common diseases and then review how your eyes work together as a team. After that he can judge whether they work well or not and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health. It helps to prevent vision loss and increase life of your sight.

Give You Prescription

When you pass through a visual test then your optometrist also gives you prescription to wear glasses or contact lenses according to your problem to correct or to save your vision for the long time. But most of the optometrist recommends use only glasses as compared to contact lenses, reason behind that is lenses can harm your eyes more even after a small mistake. Second reason for it is they need special care on the daily basis and they are more expensive as compare to glasses.

Help to Avoid Normal Sight Diseases

Main benefit of vision care and exam is they help us to avoid many visual diseases at the first level and reduce risk for permanent sight loss. Because some diseases have no sign or symptom before they happen and they can be detected only by the visual exam.

Prevent Some Other Diseases

For an eyes exam we also need to take some other normal health tests. So an Eye Exam and care help us to prevent other general diseases like blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Save Our Sight for the Long Time

One major benefit of eyes exam is they help us to save our sight for the long time. Since when we take a vision exam our doctor give us many instructions about sight care, if we follow all of them we can easily save our sight for the long time.

Get Awareness About Eye Health

When we take an eyes exam for the first time after that we know about what is the importance of eye health & care in our life, And the different ways to save our sight for the long time and how we can increase our sight visibility.

Conclusion of the above article is regular visual examination and care is very important to save our eye-sight for the whole life.

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