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The eyes are the foremost beautiful parts of the face. When one talks regarding eyes, one cannot forget the significance of thicker, longer, and beautiful eyelashes. Lovely eyelashes having long length and a good wideness are the secret of a girl's beauty. Lashes are particularly important as it adds a magic and aura to the eyes. No matter whatever your skin tone is, if you have lavishing eyelashes, it adds exoticism to your face. So, for a woman to get praises, she needs to dress up a bit, well, give a little touch-up and let your eyes do the talking. For eyes do the talking, you need long eye lashes.

Reasons why women yearn for long and thick eyelashes:


  • Longer and gorgeous eyelashes are like windows of a woman's soul and universal sign of beauty.
  • These make a woman's eyes look more open and wider that is an excellent sign of femininity.
  • Attractive eyelashes create an intense outcome that can seduce even the toughest man.
  • A perfect eyelash boosts the confidence.

The condition in which hairs get thin or start falling is termed as hypotrichosis. Eyelashes adorn and improve the complete look of a person. Hence, it is utmost significant to take care of the same. For attaining thicker and longer eyelashes naturally, you must buy Careprost eye drops online for best eyelash growth. Careprost mimics the activity of prostaglandin, which is involved in hair growth and works by increasing the dimensions of the hair. Who doesn't love flaunting long, gorgeous, thick eye lashes?

Besides its use in hypotrichosis, Careprost can be also used in glaucoma. The most effective treatment for the problem of glaucoma is to take Careprost eye drops online. Glaucoma is a condition in which the fluid of the eyes keeps on increasing and this layer of fluid cover the eyes. This results in loss of vision.

For all this, there is only and only one solution, that is Careprost eye drops.

Generic Bimatoprost is a 0.03% solution which is the chief active component of these eye drops. It is used to improve the eyelash growth. It is FDA approved and is easily applied with free and sterile applicator brushes available along with it. It is a wonder drug which not only cures the problem of thin eyelashes, but helps look people more beautiful and young.

Dosage and Administration-

Put one drop of Careprost eye drops to the upper base of the eye. Do not apply Careprost (Generic Bimatoprost) to the bottom eyelid. Apply Careprost eye drops once a day.

Like any other medicine, Careprost eye drops too have certain undesirable effects such as irritation in eyes, dry eyes, vision changes, redness in eye, darkened eyelashes, conjunctivitis etc. If you get any of these side effects on applying this medication, seek medical care right away.

How to store Careprost eye drops?

Store your Careprost eye drops in a cool place at the temperature below 25C. Always replace the top of the bottle to prevent contamination. The bottle should be discarded 4 weeks after opening.

When should Careprost not be applied?

You should not use Careprost eye drops if you:

  • Are hypersensitive to Generic Bimatoprost.
  • Have liver, respiratory or kidney disorder.
  • Are pregnant or lactating.
  • Are using contact lenses, immediately remove them before applying Careprost eye drops.

Always take care of your eyes; as it is the most important sense organ of a human being. Do not overlook and do not select any fake cosmetic product for your eyes, which may harm your beautiful eyes. Buy the most trusted options, Careprost eye drops available online at our reliable pharmacy store at affordable prices.

“Buy cheap Careprost eye drops online for a natural growth of flaunting eyelashes in splendid volume and gives a complete classy look.”

“Careprost is the revolutionary solution to safeguard the eyelashes.”

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