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Majority of the children are born with healthy eyes and a healthy mind. However vision is an established procedure. Vision performance depends upon the relationship between visual movement skills and body movement skills.

An accurate functioning of visual system allows an individual to promptly and exactly recognize the objects. But there are few children who face visual problems due to various reasons starting from watching TV or playing Computer Games continuously for more time to falling dust or debris in eyes while playing in dust or some injury caused to their eyes.


An appropriate and regular Eye Exam can prevent various types of vision related problems in children. Before getting an appointment with an Optometrist for your child, one must understand the vision related problems. Various vision related problems that can be suffered by children or your child may need an eye examination if they complain or appear to be having difficulty with the following:

  • Sitting very close to a television or computer monitor
  • Complaints of headaches, unclear vision and red eyes during study
  • Eye roughness, strain to see or closing of eye
  • Twisted or irritated eyes
  • Uneasiness to read or lack of desire
  • Eased attention to detail while coloring or writing
  • Keeping books or other reading material at an extraordinary distance while reading
  • Slanting of head
  • Light sensitivity
  • Children who were born prematurely
  • History of eye injury
  • Family past of eye related diseases
  • Developmental delays

If a child is suffering from any of the above mentioned symptoms related to vision, he or she must visit an eye specialist for proper checkup of the eyes. But having an appointment with a healthcare professional for a child is quite scary but also it can be a protective measure, in addition to a source for monitoring health related issues.

If a child is born ahead of time or has low birth weight, it is important to discuss with your pediatrician how early an eye examis sufficient. Also, if you work a visually challenging job or a job that creates risks to the eyes, even if you take precautions to keep your eyes strain-free and safe, seeing an eye doctor frequently can stop problems from arising. It is beneficial to have regular eye exam for due to various reasons.

  • It can keep you in perfect vision
  • It enhances the chance that eye diseases are identified
  • It recommends the chance to recover other health issues
  • It gives support

When vision is challenged, life can become annoying and terrifying. Left untreated, there is a danger of disability, suffering and loss of productivity. Recognizing and detecting eye and vision problems early through an eye examination increase the chances any problems will have little to no effect on the vision of your child.

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