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Eyes are considered as one of the most delicate organs of any face. We become so petrified with a small peck entering our eyes that we start looking for easy ways to take the tiny particle out. It generates an irritation of the eyes. From this one can easily understand how delicate our eyes that act as a mirror to the world around us. In case of eye infections whether from bacteria or virus or fungus, it should be immediately treated under the direction of a Physician/ eye specialist.

Albucid Eye Drops is considered to be the best medications for treating bacterial eye infections like chronic bacterial conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer and acute conjunctivitis. It also provides relief from other symptoms of infection like redness in eyes and swelling.


It contains sulfacetamide opthalmic 20% as one of its active ingredients. It contains antimicrobial agents that immediately fights with microorganisms and prevents the growth of bacteria. It is manufactured by Allergan and sold in US as Blephamide. These eye drops are available in packs of 1, 3 and 6 in 10 ml strength at different pharmacies under the prescription of the physicians only.

With facilities of ordering as well as sending medicines for your family from any corner of the country, buying medicines online has become an encouraging trend. One can easily Buy Ablucid eye drop online as per the doctor's prescription. There are various trusted pharmacies that provide online access to quality & licensed medicines like Albucid 20% Eye Drop with convenient and free home delivery services. Availability of Albucid 20% Eye Drop price in USA at lower rates has made it first choice medication for eye infection.

It should be used as per the direction of your physician to avoid any serious drug interaction. It's also important to keep your Doctor inform about the early medications that you have used for curing the bacterial eye infection. this will help you in avoiding possible side effects. Make sure that you buy Alucid Eye Drop online from licensed pharmacy/ medicine sites with immediate home delivery facility as the infection can spread fast.

Important considerations:

  • Always make sure that you Buy Albucid Eye Drop Online as per doctor's prescription.
  • Do not share your eye drop with anyone as it may be contagious and affect others.
  • If you are allergic/ pregnat/ lactating, then it is advisable to not to use this medicine.
  • Always wash your hands before and after using the medicine.
  • Possible side effects of Albucid Eye Drop may be dry eyes, itching, teary eyes, redness, sore throat, etc.
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