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There are innumerable people throughout the world who suffer from poor vision or other eye problems but are too tired to wear glasses or contact lenses. Often they seek medical treatment that can help them to get rid of their eye problems with great ease. Over the years, medical science has introduced numerous eye treatment procedures that can be opted for by the patients based on the type of problem that they have and their budget. Lasik eye surgery is currently one of the most popular eye treatment procedures in the world that allows people to get back their finer eye sight with relative ease. More and more people are nowadays going for Lasik eye surgery as they do not need to depend on glasses or lenses after the procedure for better vision.

Also referred to as laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, Lasik eye surgery involves restructuring of the cornea to restore vision back into its normal state. Laser rays are used to reshape the cornea, which is employed under corneal flap. In the process, a specialized surgeon uses a microkiratome to create a thin-hinged corneal flap. The surgeon then pulls the corneal flap to expose corneal tissue and the cornea is exposed to Excimer laser for ablating or extirpating it to a pre-determined pattern that is unique for every patient. Finally the flap is slowly and gently relocated over cornea without any stitches.


Lasik eye surgery is nowadays opted for by many people due to the several benefits associated with the process. In fact, there are numerous advantages of Lasik eye surgery that make it more sought after than many other forms of eye treatments. Some of its benefits are discussed below:

  • A patient can expect immediate results after undergoing a Lasik eye surgery. Whereas other forms of treatments or surgeries can take anywhere around six to eight months to produce the desired results, patients undergoing a Lasik eye surgery can expect having near perfect vision within no time.
  • Patients who have undergone Lasik eye surgery are not required to wear glasses or lenses any more immediately after surgery.
  • Since Lasik eye surgery employs advanced technology to repair the cornea of a patient, it involves less risk compared to the traditional forms of clinical surgery.
  • Since the entire procedure is carried out with the help of a computer, Lasik eye surgery guarantees greater accuracy in terms of vision correction compared to the other forms of surgeries.

However, like all other surgeries, patients undergoing Lasik eye surgery need to follow certain post operative care guidelines for easy recovery. Even though after surgery a patient might feel at times that their eyes are itching, watering or stinging, they should never rub their eyes as doing so might lead to permanent damage. The patients should also stay away from perfumes or makeup as these contain chemical substances that can cause irritation of their eyes. As it takes about a week for the eyes to heal, doctors usually prescribe patients with antibiotics and eye lubricants which should be taken from time to time.

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