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Capacity building for improved human resource for health goes much beyond the concept of training about administrative functioning or training key people on technical issues. It involves a more broadened sphere which includes training people of managerial level to allow them to manage the workforce more efficiently and to decide the route of development of policies, plans, decisions and system innovations in their context. What also includes is enhancing the skills of managing and monitoring efforts on the ground level by planning workforce in a better way, systematic recruitment, planned deployment, tracking the work performance on a regular basis and withholding by the means of various short term and long-term capacity building efforts.

Advocacy for improved human resources for health also becomes important because evidences have proved that training is extremely important and not only the mechanism for improving the performance. It is also proved that only training supported by adequate supportive supervision, availability of the requisite tools and enabled performance culture will put the most impressive impact. Stout capacity building systems working at state and district levels would allow professionals as well as the workforce to contribute actively in capacity enhancement programs with least interruption in the services and will assist them in getting skilled for practical application of the knowledge that they gain by training.


Therefore, it is immediately necessary to give opportunities of training to the existing workforce not only on the technical aspects but also to equip them with skills that could apply in their local background. Keeping these ideas in mind, there are many initiatives like training programs, seminars, etc. being organized in Indian states like Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. The organizers of these initiatives firmly believe that at the end of these seminars, the participants would be benefitted in the following ways.

1] They will come face to face with the strengths and areas of improvements at various levels of care industry and units of state or district health department.

2] They will highlight enhanced skills of commitment to further fortify human resource management for health in their respective health units by:

oComing to a consensus about their responsibilities related to job, as well as describing job responsibilities of other categories of workforce engaged in district and sub-district health related services of the state.

oBy giving ideas on Capacity building – its methods and tools and on overcoming problems persisting in human resource management in the health care industry of that state.

oGiving description about the steps, they will undertake to build and maintain the highest level of motivation for the health workers in their respective departments.

oGiving a demonstration of increased level of confidence to analyze monitoring data and then, plan corrective actions through proper case study.

3] Demonstrate their commitment towards practicing the core skills of human resource management for health by the following steps:

oGiving an explanation of do's and Don'ts of conflict resolution.

oPracticing written and oral communication of real-life case scenarios.

oExplaining do's and Don'ts of tackling with media people engaged in reporting about topics.

People for Health is an initiative to strengthen human resources in India by engaging civil society organisations to support national health workforce policies, strategies, capacity building and skills transfer.India hosts 17% of the world's population but human resources available for delivering to 1.21 billion people have been a persistent challenge of the health system.

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