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Recent studies have revealed that the most common reasons for bad eyesight are incurred naturally and can indeed be cured naturally by doing regular eye exercises. With this in mind the obvious question is why do so many people jump straight into wearing glasses without even trying to improve their vision in a straight forward and natural way through eye exercises?

Perhaps individuals are simply unaware of just how their eyes perform and how quickly they can respond to even a little bit of exercise. The muscles which control and form the lens in the eye can be worked similar to the bicep muscles inside your arms and a small amount of daily exercise for two weeks has been demonstrated to completely deal with over 45% of eye problems with a further 30% featuring “drastic improvement”.


The truth is that sporting glasses teaches your eyes bad habits, commonly causes a steady deterioration in eyesight and costs on average $500 a year. So it really is clear that spending a brief amount of time running through some vision exercises might literally be the best posible outcome available for your eyesight an also your wallet.

If you have already been wearing glasses for many years, then there is addititional encouraging press. Your eyes are very versatile and you still could reverse the end results that your glasses have had on your vision over a sustained period. In fact some individuals can totally cure their vision problems from the first 30 days of appropriate eye instruction. Vision exercises can even work for eyesight problems which were caused by ageing. It is perfectly possible to improve eyesight naturally so that the need for glasses becomes an absolute thing of the past.

Here are a few significant components or details that you should think about on your mission to improve your own visual acuity effortlessly:

Teaching your eyes to Relax:

As simple as it may sound, simply teaching your eyes to relax can have a major impact on your vision. Your eyes are extremely sensitive to strain especially with our modern common lifestyle of working in front of computers, watching the television and reading books. Eye strain can even occur without you noticing it – most of the time there are no symptoms in terms of feeling, you just start to notice deterioration in your vision.

A single physical exercise highly recommended is particularly intended for a person that's affected by badly strained eyesight is known as 'Palming'. It's an easy to use, easy physical exercise which produces excellent results. Any time that physical exercise is completed persistently for a couple 2 or 3 weeks, the effects can be really encouraging.

Here's what you do:

Put your hands out in front of you with your palms facing toward the eyes. Then bring your palms up to cover your eyes, making sure that the hands are cupped so that they don't actually make contact with your eyes. Put your elbows on your desk or another hard surface and try to make yourself comfortable. Now you simply spend as long as you need to generate relaxing and positive thoughts. You should try and concentrate on relaxing all the muscles around your eyes – this will be hard to begin with but after a while you get used to it.

Palming is particularly suggested for many who's job it is to sit looking at a computer screen for lengthy time frames or maybe whom feel the stress in paying attention to fine print or smaller items.

Specific Eye Exercises – Repair Eyesight Naturally

There are a large number of eye exercises out there for specific conditions. For example, there are many exercises that focus purely on myopia (short sightedness) and teach the eye to adjust to objects that are far away. William Bates is the pioneer for these exercises – his work and understanding of natural vision was way ahead of his time. He has been dead over 7 decades now yet his work is still at the foundation of most eye exercise programs and for great reason too – it works.

Repair Eyesight Naturally – Get Started

Hopefully you've found this article useful in your quest to repair your eyesight naturally. Just by researching about exercises like these you are already ahead of the majority but now is the time to take some action and get exercising! It is easy to be a skeptic (I certainly was) but you have nothing to lose and everything to win by simply taking a leap of faith and investing in and trying out a good exercise program for a few weeks.

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