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The custom Lasik is known to create lots of options for the people who are suffering from cataract. Procedure helps in delivering better results and minimizes risk to a great extent. Technological advancement has led to the incredible upgrade by many notches. Wave front technology is used to accomplish the task in an easy and hassle free manner. VISX star 4 laser incorporates data that is used to conduct the operation. Custom Lasik can treat myopia, hyperopia and other issues that might infect the eyes over a period of time. Lasik technology has made great strides in the recent times because the eye care team works closely with the patients to provide sterling results in the long run.

Intra laser targets the corneal area to a great extent. In few seconds, the cool laser light creates bubble beneath the surface of the eye. Thickness along with the size of the microscopic layer is determined with the help of technological mapping process. Cornea is reshaped with the help of the VISX Star 4 laser in a matter of seconds. Vision should be instantly corrected in an impeccable manner. Corneal flap is gently set back in the place to start with and it helps to continue the healing process without any hiccups. Prior to the operation, one has to decide whether the person wants bladeless Lasik. Lasik surgery San Diego has proved to be a great solution for the people.

Under the surgery program, the doctor will remove the clouded lens of the eye and it is replaced with an artificial lens to accomplish the task in an impeccable manner. ReZOOM and the Restore lens are designed in such a manner that they create an instant impression on the users. In some cases there are no needs of artificial lenses. When the artificial IOLs are designed they do not require reconstruction and provide impeccable services throughout the lifetime. With the Custom LASIK production three dimensional maps are created for the users so that the task could be accomplished without any hassles. Revolutionary technology has proved to be a great boon for the people who suffer from diabetes and cataract. All the doctors who perform operation are certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and are licensed by the board of California. Unique education combination provides detailed view of how the laser technology works. The doctors are skilled in alternative vision correction procedures including.

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