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Are you familiar with round lens eyeglasses which were most frequently worn by our great grandpas or occurring in the old movies? Actually, such a shape echoes with the retro vintage trend which blows wild in the fashion circle currently, and it also appeals to those who happen to have a nostalgic complex. Out of question, if wearing such a design of glasses will arouse in the wearer's mind those good old days, why not? Definitely, it cannot be more cost-effective to purchase such glasses to help you pick up the pieces of your long lost memories. Wonderful, isn't it? Now just follow me and I'll help you find out the most suitable trendy round lens eyeglasses for you!

First of all, let's talk about the frame. Don't even take a second glance of the traditional metal frame without any trace of design. We're now living in an age embracing creativity and personality. Hence, a little design but not too over would be better. For example, a hollow-out design at the bridge of the frame would give a sense of artistry and charm to the wearer. Also a wooden frame is a good option which updates your overall wardrobe. Besides, if you care about personal uniqueness, maybe you can choose the frames with patterns or special shapes or you may even provide your own designs. It is all up to you.


Second, I like to discuss the color of the lenses. Generally speaking, if you are inclined to create the retro vintage effect, two colors are the most suitable: black and emerald, with the former being cool and mysterious while the latter being antique and different. honestly speaking, both colors are excellent and not picky about the wearer.

Last but not the least, I'd like to remind those who are not satisfied with their face shapes, round lens eyeglasses are not the forbidden zone for you. They can also be fashionable and cool only if you know how to blend trendy elements in their designs. Now that our creative designs have helped you done a good job, just click your mouse and come to our website to have a look. I'm sure you'll find out cheap glasses of high quality and stylish designs that enthrall you ever.

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