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Many years ago, when their vision started to go, patients did not have much in the way of choice. They would be able to wear glasses or bifocals, but that was about it. With contact lenses and traditional eye surgery came other options, and eventually the techniques grew better and the equipment more sophisticated. Laser surgery for the eyes is one of the best ways to achieve better and stronger vision today, and many UK patients are choosing it. One of the more recent types of surgery, IntraLasik eye surgery, is starting to become quite popular, as the surgeons at the London Surgical Eye Clinic can attest.

What is it that makes the IntraLasik procedure so popular? It is blade free, which is something that many of the patients that come into the Harley Street clinic truly like. This is one of the safest forms of eye surgery available. This type of treatment is able to offer many benefits to UK patients.


With this procedure, the eye surgeon is going to create a small flap over the cornea, and then, using the laser, reshape the cornea to help improve vision. Some of the benefits that patients can experience with this type of eye surgery include the fact that they are likely to have a better chance of getting 20/20 vision or even better. In addition, the techniques are very precise and accurate, which really helps to increase the level of safety.

Of course, as with any surgical procedure, there will be some risks, but issues with the surgery are actually quite rare. Patients will be able to speak with the doctors at the Harley Street clinic about the procedure, as well as all of their concerns and worries regarding the procedure. The doctors can relieve the fears that they might have when it comes to the procedures, and they will be able to take them through the procedure systematically.

Those who have vision problems and who want to have better eyesight are going to love the benefits that IntraLasik is able to offer. Talk with a specialist in London to see if this type of surgery might be right for you.

This type of procedure is great for many patients, including those who have thin corneas that might not be a good candidate for traditional LASIK. Since the surgeons have even better control, it is possible to work with even thin corneas to great effect. Surgeons will also find that they can have more control over the creation of the corneal flap with the laser rather than the blade. More control will often mean a more effective procedure overall.

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