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If you have truly made up your mind to have cataract surgery, you owe it to yourself to find the best eye surgeon possible. Not all eye doctors are created equal. And not all doctors specialize in the same types of surgical procedures. Here are some ways to improve your odds of finding the best eye doctor in Long Beach.

Look for certification. For example, in the United States, look for someone who is board-certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology?


Look for an eye doctor with the right credentials. One of these is association with a group that has a set of standards the eye doctors must meet. Ask your eye surgeon if he or she is associated with the American Society of Eye Surgeons. Another thing to look for is the type of services where the doctor operates. Make sure he or she operates only in eye centers or recognized surgical facilities.

Look for an eye doctor in Long Beach who has specialized in cataract diseases treatment, andis thoroughly trained and experienced in doing the procedure. Ask how many procedures have you done? Has your surgical center ever had an outburst of eye infections affecting numerous patients? If so, how many times?

Avoid eye surgeons who talk about special deals or offers. Get quotes from a variety of doctors. If one doctor's price is much lower than the others, be suspicious.

Look for an eyesurgeon in Long Beach who spends time with you, asking questions about your finances and expectations. Look for a surgeon who explains the possible risks and complications associated with the procedure. Look for a doctor who explainswhat is the recovery time for the cataract surgery Long Beach-based procedure? Ask to see before and after pictures of patients.

Go to several meetings before signing up. Ask the following questions:

  • “What are the risks and possible side effects associated with this treatment?” If the doctor says there are none, walk away.
  • “Is it safe to smoke marijuana before and after cataract surgery?” If they say yes, again, walk away.
  • “Is there an after care plan?” If they say no, again, walk away.
  • “Do you have before-and-after photos I can look at for this procedure?” If they say no, walk away.
  • “What are my options if I am not satisfied with the outcome of my cataract surgery?” If they say no, definitely walk away.

Hope, the above-mentioned tips will help you to choose an eye surgeon in Long Beach.

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