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Eyes are indisputably the most important and most beautiful body part gifted by nature to human being. They not only enable you see the world but express your emotions and internal feelings also. Without eyes, life is just like a hell. However, our eyes are subjected to suffer a lot and tend to lose their beauty, strength and vision power over years of survival.

Being the external body organ and are the tenderest part, they are subjected to many diseases and ailments with low vision being the most common disorder. Whatever the diseases or disorder is the ultimate result would be losing beauty, vision power or blindness in severe case.


There are several factors that may cause ailments to eyes with environmental pollution, harmful UV rays, unhealthy food, prolonged working on computer or working in hazardous atmosphere and our overall lifestyle. In some cases, eyes disorders are also found to be hereditary or may happen right from the birth.

In current modern lifestyle, vision problems are quite common and do not spare anyone. There was a time when eyes would lose vision strength with aging however, these days, even kids and younger generation are also facing vision problem and can be seen wearing prescription glasses. Besides diminishing vision power, there are many other eyes maladies that can trouble anybody and some of them are actually terrible. And, if they are not diagnosed and treated on time, they can leave us distorted for life or can even make us blind.

Medically, there are almost fifty six known eyes diseases and disorders with varied symptoms. They carry mild to severe consequences depending upon symptoms and nature of ailment. The major diseases are Astigmatism, Conjunctivitis, Cataract, Eyelid Inflammation, Watery eyes, Glaucoma, Color blindness, Squint eyes or Strabismus.

Vision problems are common but they can be cured completely with good medication and proper diagnosis. There are a number of drugs, medicines and drops along with corrective surgeries to treat eyes diseases. The medical advancement has lead to the invention of high tech machines and sophisticated surgeries making it possible to treat any kind of eyes disorder.

Vision issues are global phenomenon and there are millions of patients all over the world. Surrey, England is not far behind either. There are thousands of citizens suffering from variety of vision problems and always looking for good eye clinics.

There are many eye treatment centers and good doctors who can help you get rid of eyes problems for good. One of such eye clinics is ICare Doctors of Optometry. They are one of the best eye clinics in Surrey with excellent infrastructure, hi-end equipments and highly experienced staff. They administer individual treatment post thorough diagnosis rather than standard treatment meant for all.

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