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Are you having problems with your eyesight and don't know where to go?Well, there are several types of specialist eye physicians in Long Beach you could turn to.
Opthalmologists and Optometrists
Opthalmologists are eye doctors who specialize in surgical and medical care of the visual system, including eyes. They are qualified to provide services such as eye exams, eye care for iritis, glaucoma, chemical burns, surgical corrections for cataracts, crossed eyes, trauma, glaucoma, tumors and advice regarding eye conditions that are related to various diseases such as diabetes etc.
Optometrists are eye physicians in Long Beach who deliver services including treatment of conditions such as strabismus and ambyopia, diagnosis of conditions including macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic relinopathy, prescribing eye glasses and contact lenses besides providing eye exams.
How to Choose The Best Physician
When you are searching for an eye doctor, first of all consider the qualifications – the doctor should have impeccable credentials along with certifications from accredited medical insitutions. His or her license to practice should be displayed prominently in the office premises.
It is a good idea to go with a doctor who is well experienced because he/she will be in a position to better detect and diagnose disorders and diseases. A doctor with a medical practice spanning numerous years is more likely to have provided good services to patients.
Select the doctor on the basis of the services you require. If you have a cataract problem, a doctor specialising in cataract surgery Long Beach would be best suited for your purpose.
Cataract Surgery
A special mention needs to be made about cataract problems and surgery. Cataracts are an almost inevitable part of aging and as one grows older, the natural lens of the eyes may stiffen causing symptoms such as blurred or cloudy vision, fading color, sensitivity to glare or light, porr night vision. When it seriously impairs vision, the patient may have to undergo cataract surgery. During cataract surgery, the surgeon makes a corneal incision and inserts an ultrasound tube in order to remove the natural lens. A new artificial lens called intra ocular lens or IOL is inserted to restore the patient's vision.
Cataract surgery in Long Beach can be termed successful when IOL has been inserted correctly to restore vision. When the power of the artificial lens matches that of the natural one that was present in the eye, the need to wear glasses is either eliminated or reduced.
There are many competent eye physicians in Long Beach who can take good care of your eyes, so if you are suffering from an eye related ailment, do not delay and make an appointment today.

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