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Long Sightedness or Presbyopia is the most common vision ailment after the age of 50. According to statistics, more than 80 percent adults face reading difficulty in the later life and till recently, there was no cure for it other than using reading glasses. However, new-age treatment methods open new windows of hope to the patients. Contrary to the popular belief, Laser surgery can cause effective treatment for long-sightedness as well. After the surgical procedure, there is a dramatic drop in the power. Can laser eye surgery cure long sightedness completely? Yes, Studies indicate that Laser surgery is one of the safest and most reliable procedures.

What is long sightedness all about?


With the aging process, muscles and lens get stiffness, and it is not possible to focus on objects close to the eyes. Though the problem causes a little discomfort in the beginning, it becomes totally impossible to carry out daily chores like reading, working on the computer and other daily chores. Reading glasses resolve the problem up to a large extent but there are limitations. Sometimes, they affect self-confidence and make a person conscious of it. Apart from practical difficulties, there are aesthetic issues as well.

Can laser eye surgery cure long sightedness, there are multiple methods!

Among several methods of vision correction for long sightedness, the most reliable method is Laser surgery. Since the instruments work externally, there is a relatively low risk of damage or infection. Three types of Laser surgeries are available for treating long-sightedness.


It is the most widely used procedure where the flap is cut on the surface of the cornea using a small instrument. The shape of the cornea is changed using a Laser beam, and the flap is folded back to the place.


Here a tiny area of the cornea is removed and the tissues are removed, using the laser beam. Severity of the ailment decides the number of tissues to be removed.


The procedure is quite similar to PRK. The only difference is that Alcohol is used for loosening up the surface of the cornea.

New-age treatments like Laser surgery become a blessing to those who want to get rid of reading glasses permanently. The procedure is quick, safe and totally reliable. These powerful beams re-engineer the eyeball and change the physical characteristics of it causing a correction in the vision disability. Expert surgeons bring incredible improvement in the power and make it accurate.

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