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Astigmatism is an eye problem which is common in a number of people. This condition can be corrected by using the correct glasses or contact lenses; however at times one might require surgery in order to rectify the problem.

Astigmatism is a problem caused when the eye is not perfectly round thus causing vision problems to the patient. Most people suffer this condition on a minor scale, but those who have severe astigmatism could suffer blur vision and thus need to use glasses or contact lenses at all time. A vision correction surgery is one of the best ways to get cured from astigmatism.


The human eye is naturally shaped like a sphere, which enables the light to enter the eye and bend evenly. A person suffering from astigmatism has eyes that are shaped like a football which doesn't allow the light to move or refract correctly. This creates problems with vision. Most astigmatism patients can't focus on more than one object at a time. Distant objects too appear blur to them.

There are three types of Astigmatism Treatment that patients suffer from.

  1. Myopic – This is usually caused when both the cornea are not shaped right causing nearsighted issues. It is not necessary that the degree of nearsighted is same in both eyes. It could differ.
  2. Hyperopic – This is usually caused when both the cornea are not shaped right causing farsighted issues. It is not necessary that the degree of farsighted is same in both eyes. It could differ.
  3. Mixed astigmatism – This is a combination of the above mentioned two types. A patient will have one farsighted and one nearsighted vision.

The exact cause for astigmatism is not known. It occurs due to an imperfectly shaped cornea which results in poor vision and blurred images. A person suffering from astigmatism will suffer eyestrain and blurred vision. While this could be minor in some patients; others might have a more severe form of it which needs be treated on time to avoid fatigue and stress. Like all other eye problems, astigmatism too increases with time. If detected early, glasses or lenses can help, but in advanced cases it's always advised to opt in for a surgery.

Refractive surgery is one of the best ways to treat astigmatism. Most eye surgeons now use laser techniques to rectify this problem. The surgery involves changing the shape of the cornea with a laser. There are a number of refractive surgeries available in the market today. It's always preferred to consult your doctor and ask for suggestions. Laser is one of the most advanced methods and can be done in just one sitting. It's essential for your eyes to be healthy and free from any infections or diseases at the time of the surgery in order for your eyes to heal faster.

Glasses and lenses can help improve your vision, however they will not cure astigmatism, it will cover up the problem. If you're looking to cure the problem from the root, then the only way to do so is by surgery.

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