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Human body is made of number of body parts and organs. And, all of them are important for smooth, trouble-free healthy life. However, when it comes to value nothing can beat our eyes. Eyes are unquestionably the most significant and most precious gift by nature to human being. With eyes, a person does not see only but can convey unstated feelings without uttering a single word. That is the power of eyes. Due to their sheer value, they have gained extreme popularity in movies, TV serials and in the books of romance. Nonetheless, our eyes are ultimately body part and so are subjected to suffer from various diseases and disorder like any other body part or organ.

Eyes are the most tender and most vulnerable body part and so are bound to face many illnesses and deformities. The most common problem with eyes is low vision. People suffering from vision trouble are unable to see things clearly either placed at distant or near. Technically, this condition is known as Myopia or Hyper myopia. Apart from vision issues, there are many other ailments and disorders that one can go through. Irrespective of the type of diseases, it may ultimately result into malfunctioning of eyes or total blindness if not diagnosed on time and treated well.


Medical science has identified almost fifty six eyes diseases and disorders with mild to severe consequences. However, the good thing is, eyes ailments carry distinguishable symptoms. The most common diseases or deformities are Conjunctivitis, Short Sightedness, Long Sightedness, Astigmatism, Cataract, Glaucoma, Eyelid Inflammation, Color blindness, Squint eyes or Strabismus, Blurred vision.

There are many factors that can cause eyes problems such as environmental pollution, harmful sun rays, lack of essential vitamins and nutrients, junk food, prolonged working on computer or working in hazardous atmosphere like welding job. In rare cases, eyes disorders are also found to be hereditary or may arise due to congenital disorder.

These days, eyes problems are quite common and do not spare anybody irrespective of age and gender. It is very much common for adults to lose vision power with aging however, nowadays; even kids and teenagers are also facing vision problem and can be seen wearing prescription glasses.

Eyes problems have been in existence over centuries and will keep bothering in future also but they can be treated effectively with good diagnosis and medication. The medical advancement has enabled the invention of powerful medicines, drops and tubes along with corrective surgeries to take care of all types of eyes diseases and deformities.

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