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Many people these days work in front of the computers, while some watch television continuously for hours together. But, health care providers are of the opinion that those working in front of the computers should take some break in between their work. This will be beneficial not only for their backbone, but will be helpful for their eyes as well.

Rather than sitting at a single place in the same position for several hours, they are recommended to have a simple walk at least once in an hour to give relaxation to their neck and back. The same way, when people stare at the computer screen seriously, they forget to blink and this will cause dry eye problem in them. To avoid this problem and many other problems associated with continuous monitoring of computer screen, they can just stare at some greenery at least once in an hour, which will not only relax their eyes, but will also relax their eyes as well. During these breaks, they can perform simple exercises.


Some simple exercises: Experts are of the opinion that exercise for poor eyesight can be highly helpful not only for people already suffering with such a condition, but also people looking to prevent future eye problems can do the following simple exercises. Regardless of their work to avoid and cure poor eyesight problems:

  1. Even though, blinking is often avoided, it is actually a simple exercise given to eyes in a natural manner. But, many people forget to blink when they stare at the computer. So, it is better to do simple blinking exercise then and there.
  2. Palming, which means placing the right and left palms on right and left eyes respectively and this should be done after taking some deep breaths and by sitting in a comfortable position.
  3. Those looking for exercise for poor eyesight can also do 'figure 8 exercise'. This means that they should rotate their eyes in the shape of number 8 and this can be done by imagining a giant figure 8 in front of the eyes.
  4. Another exercise for poor eyesight is near and far focusing. This means that focusing on a near object for sometimes and again watching a far object for sometimes. This exercise can relax the eye muscles.

These exercises can be followed one after the other each day during each break to provide relaxation to the eyes. In addition, people worried about their poor eyesight and wish to get out of the glasses can natural supplements for poor eyesight.

Natural supplements: When talking about the natural supplements for poor eyesight, I-Lite capsules with the best herbal ingredients that have long been used for different eye related issues are recommended. The best hand-picked ingredients are used in the manufacture of these natural supplements for poor eyesight and in addition to curing eye related issues, people looking for prevention of such problems can use these capsules. If they are concerned about their hereditary problem, they can use these capsules as a preventing measure.

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