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Lasik is a surgery during which the doctors place a laser underneath the cornea. This changes its shape and the patient is able to see everything without wearing glasses. This technique is beneficial especially for people who have very low vision and wear high power glasses and contact lenses. Near sight problem, far vision trouble and astigmatism vision problem can be solved with the surgery. Lasik was developed in the year 1991 in Greece by Loannis Pallikaris and the operation is mainly conducted by expert surgeons.

The transparent tissue that helps the eye to focus is called corneal. Doctors remove some part of the tissue with the help of laser during the surgery to ensure that the vision of the patient is restored. There are many types of Lasik surgery and all of them have some risk, advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Some of the risks attached with the surgery are:

  1. During the surgery small microscopic tissues are removed from the corneal with a hope that the vision can be restored but sometimes the result may not be as expected. This kind of a problem is more common in patients facing near sight issue.
  2. Sometimes the laser used to remove the tissues can take out more than what is required. This error cannot be rectified.
  3. Some health issues can bring the vision back to the position it was before the surgery. Health problems that mostly result in such a trouble are pregnancy and misbalance in hormone.
  4. Dry eye is also a most common problem after the surgery. In the initial few months the dryness might be severe. You can ask doctor to suggest for some eye drops but then if the issue persists then it might lead into another round of treatment.
  5. During the surgery the flap is removed or folded which can result in infection. Inflammation and some other complications can also be seen.
  6. Complains for double vision or glare when exposed to bright light is also seen in patients after the surgery. If the patient is suffering from astigmatism then even after the operation he/she might have to take help of glasses or contact lenses.

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