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When we are looking forward to good skin and hair, we are usually much more conscious about our food habits, and why is that? Because we all know how important food is for the development of our body and its daily functions. The need is to understand that most people today are eating too much processed, artificially enhanced and packaged food which is known to be laden with sugar, salt, flavor enhancers and preservatives. All of these are known to be bad for the health of people and can result in the bad overall health, but what about our eyes? We all are quite ignorant about our eye health and often only take care of the eyes when there is a significant change or we are facing issues with eye health. But, with daily care and good nutrition it is possible for the people to understand that they can positively impact their health with a great chance to hold on to their great eyesight for longer.

The most common type of food which is available for everyone is fruits and vegetables of different types. These are great for eyes, especially the dark green vegetables which are essentially associated with great eye health. Most of the times, people associate carrots with great eyesight and it is also true. Carrots are great for eyesight as are the different colored vegetables that are available for the consumption in most areas of the world. If you have fruits like oranges, lemons, tangerines, blood oranges, pomelo, limes, grapefruits and others, have them every day or try to have them every day. These are great for eye health and are loaded with Vitamin C which is great for the eyes.

For the great health of eyes, the other required dietary inclusion is protein and fatty acids. The fish and eggs are great sources of the proteins and salmon as well as tuna are great cold water fishes that are known to be a great source of nutrition for eyes. As well as these, other protein sources are soybeans, which are great for vegetarians. Along with these, the inclusion of almonds and walnuts in the diet is great for the eye health and is required for the overall health of the body. The less the dependency on packaged and processes food, the more people can stay healthier for longer. Adding a fruit into the diet as well as the consumption of good fresh quality food items can result in greater health of the body. But to keep the eyes healthy and protected it is needed that everyone also keeps eyes healthy with the use of proper prescription sunglasses and branded polarized prescription sunglasses for keeping UV rays out. Also there is a need to use proper reading glasses to help see better in the time we are reading and also the use of computer glasses is required to make sure that the computer emitted blue lights do not harm the eyes.

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