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Crystalline lens which is present in our eyes, works to focus on things at varying distances. As we age, this lens becomes stiff and hardens to some extent, losing its ability to focus and creating sight issues without its youthful adaptability. With these changes occurring in the natural crystalline lens with passing time, it can possibly lead to cataracts, which is clouding of the lens inside the eye causing loss in clarity of the lens and therefore losing its power to focus light properly. There can be two ways Cataract can be treated. Proper care is one way you can avoid getting this precious gift of god safe from perilous factors which can harm the vision. If it is not major, eye peripherals can be used to correct the minor vision dizziness. Other is the most used and known, surgical treatment for removal of cataract. If the stage has come where it cannot be treated with normal gestures, surgery becomes a necessity.

Blade free Cataract surgery is quite common and asking around for a referral is a great option. As you will sort through recommendations of friends and family, you will be able to zero down in your choices. It is also a good idea to consult your optometrist or ophthalmologist who made the initial diagnosis of your cataracts for a recommendation. It is completely normal to ask questions about your procedure and any other queries. In fact, it is a good thing to be completely acquainted with the process as it helps in easing out and decreasing the anxiety and stress in the patient. You should be able to count on your cataract surgeon to direct you regarding exactly which procedure best fits your needs and personality. Also, keep in mind of your comfort zone: Are you someone who typically goes for the latest technology, or do you usually prefer a “tried and true” approach that has been in use for several years. Very few people encounter complications after the surgery.The rate of complications increases in people who have other eye diseases as well. Infections, swelling, bleeding, retinal detachment and glares are some of the risks associated with cataract surgery. At Centre for Sight, our team of eye specialists works hard to control this with medicines and laser eye treatment. LASIK surgery is the most popular elective procedure performed today, largely due to the ease of the surgery itself. In most cases, laser eye surgery is pain-free and completed within 15 minutes for both eyes. Other treatment people come to CFS includes Keratoconus Treatment, Glaucoma Treatment, issues in eyesight of children etc.

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