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Refractive error is usually the main cause as to why a person needs to undergo an eye exam in San Antonio. But what is actually a refractive error and how does it affect our vision? When you visit your San Antonio optometrist, he/she is most likely to tell you about three primary refractive errors, which are farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism and upon examining your eyes will recommend wearing eye glasses or prescribe contact lenses to correct your vision. A more permanent solution to this problem lies in LASIK and some other vision correction surgeries, which may also be recommended to a person in certain cases.

The Concept of Refraction


An important property of light is that when it travels through a lens, it is neither reflected back nor absorbed, but instead it is bent or refracted at a certain angle. When the light travels through the clear surface of the eye, which is called the cornea, it bends the light rays and concentrates it to a single point of focus. For a person with perfect vision, the focus point is on the retina whose light sensitive cells capture the image and transmits it to the brain. However, a defect in the lens of the eye can affect clear vision.

Detection of Refractive Errors

A refractive error with one or both of your eyes can be effectively detected and treated by taking an eye exam at a San Antonio eye care provider. Your San Antonio optometrists will test your eyes for refractive errors with an instrument that allows you see through one lens at a time. You can ask your San Antonio optometrist to give you a much more comprehensive eye exam so that multiple problems causing blurred vision can be highlighted.

Treatment for Refractive Errors

Upon your full eye exam in San Antonio, your doctor might give you a contact lenses or an eye glasses prescription.

Individuals having refractive errors with their eyes can find a more permanent solution to their visual problems by seeking vision correction surgeries such as LASIK and some others. The purpose of such surgeries is to change the shape of the cornea in such a way so that when light rays enter your eyes, they bend at the accurate focus point giving you crystal clear vision.

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