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Every day, in our normal lives in a fast paced world, we are exposed to quite a lot of artificial lights and daylight. We avoid the visible lights and most of us are aware of the bad effects of UV rays on our skin and eyes. But what we are hardly aware of is that the amount of time we spend on our smartphones or tablets or even the time we spend sitting before the desktop or laptop can cause some serious damage over the time. How you ask? Well, here's how:

Sunlight is often referred to as white light. This light contains a mixture of red, orange, green, yellow and blue light rays. The sunlight also contains a variety of different shades of the aforementioned colors. These colors vary according to their depending on their energy and wavelength of their individual rays, which are also named as electromagnetic radiation. When all these colors are combined, this collection or spectrum of colored light rays creates sunlight.


Blue light is a colored one of the short wavelength which is said to have more energy than its long wavelength counterparts. Ultra violet rays are beyond the blue light spectrum and around 1/3rd of the visible light is categorized as HEV or High energy visible light and these light rays are everywhere. There are benefits as well as bad effects of blue light.

Our eyes block excessive lights from penetrating into the eyes but our eyes are not equipped to block enough blue lights from entering our eyes. Our eyes are naturally capable of blocking ultra violet radiation and it has been proven that only around 1% of the UV radiation reaches our retina, but our eyes are still not able to block the harmful UV rays from entering the eyes or reaching the retina. Even when we wear 100% UV protected branded sunglasses, the existing blue light still penetrates the eyes and reaches the retina.

Through many researches it has been proved that blue light when reaching till the retina can cause permanent damage to our eyes in the long run. Exposing our eyes and especially our retina to these blue lights can cause the light sensitive cells in our retina to get damaged. The over exposure of blue lights and continuous exposure to the blue light can damage to an extent where it can change the appearance of the eyes. We spend hours before computers and smartphones everyday which are all sources of artificial blue lights that are harming our eyes on the long run. Many studies have confirmed that exposing eyes to continuous blue lights can damage the macula and make you more susceptible to problems like macular degeneration.

The solution to the problem is easier than you may presume. Spend a bit more money on your eyes and create a computer glasses for yourself. Computer glasses in India or abroad come with special coatings which prevent or reduce the amount of blue lights penetrating the eyes. This way your eyes are exposed to lesser amounts of blue light and is at lesser chances of being affected by macular degeneration.

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