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Eye infections are really common and you will definitely see people getting affected by infections every day. Once in a while these infections also turn into serious conditions if not handled in the right way.

There are many types of eye problems and infections that can occur to you and can affect you, but we have made a comprehensive list of the most common eye infections and also the causes and best preventive measures.


The most common symptoms are red eyes, painful feeling in the eyes, sensitivity to the light, eyes that feel swollen, watery eyes, discharge from eyes, itching in the eyes, dry eyes as well as blurry vision.

Eye infections are common if the person works in a place where there are many contaminations like a hospital or if the person wears contacts which make it very much possible for them to get infections. There are some common eye problems which are described below:

Conjunctivitis: The most common eye problem and infection caused irritation of the eyes. The other name for conjunctivitis is the pink eye and it is spread through touch. The infections travel through touch and the air, making it possible for people around the infected people to be affected. The problem is caused by bacteria and can be healed with simple warm press and if the problem reoccurs, doctor's advice is preferred.

Acanthamoeba Keratitis: This type of eye infection is common for contact lens wearers. These are parasites that are known to enter the eyes and cause infections. The infection caused by this parasite is dangerous and potentially damaging for the eyes. It is because of this parasite that the contact lens wearers are suggested to avoid swimming while wearing contact lenses.

Trachoma: One of the most common causes for blindness in a large scale sections of the world, mostly in under developed countries. It is a large scale threat in the world and it is so common that it is one of the most common causes for blindness for a large number of people. The infection is caused by Chlamydia Trachomatis, and carried through flies and insects from dirty and unsanitary spaces. In the infection the inner eyelid has a scar which starts to get affected like a scar and the eyelid is then in turned and then the lashes start to brush against the eyes and damage the cornea causing blindness which is permanent.

There are need to understand that good hygiene is required to understand that the better you keep your eyes clean and maintain a healthy life than, it is lesser the chance for developing such infections.

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