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With the popularity of electronic products and the long-time study, more students have been experiencing different sight problem. Parents should pay more attention to help children have health eyes. Here some daily habits should be followed to protect eyes.

Note posture with the eyes.


Crudely put, is to do three “one” that punches, one inch, one foot. Punch, and means the children seated read and write, chest and desk to keep the distance of the punch; inch, require children to write, hold a pen in hand and nib distance to keep an inch; foot children read the distance of the eye and the book to keep one foot. Three “,” is to make eye visual axis effective measures to maintain normal distance, are a systematic means to protect the child's vision. Only insisting on daily life with standard posture can children far away from decreased vision.

Note the time with the eyes.

When the children grow up, they would be sent to schools to get education. In elementary school, children eye development is not perfect, each read or write should be controlled in less than one hour, then we must allow children to outdoor activities, or looked at the distant, so that the tension of the eye muscles to relax and reduce fatigue. Also, with a regular, adequate sleep, their eyes can get adequate rest.

Note with the eyes light.

Do not allow children to write in the dim light or sunlight reading. Hard light or the dim light would decrease vision, which would eye irritation. Night indoors if a 25-watt light bulb, books and bulbs distance should be less than 1 m. If you use a 60-watt light bulb, books and bulbs distance should be between 1-2 meters. Cloudy, dusk, moonlight, twilight, the sunlight brightly, and are not suitable for read and write. Watching TV, to maintain a suitable distance, and generally should be 5-7 times the diagonal length of the screen. TV time should be controlled within two hours.

Environment can have a big influence on children's vision at the stage of eye development. Pay more attention about everyday habits can help to protect eyes better.

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