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Even in a hi-tech world we live in today, our eyes remain our greatest asset.

It might not seem to be true but events and accidents resulting in a worker losing an eye gets reported by about thousands of employees or employers annually. Eye injuries take place in workplaces and jobsites more frequently than we take it to be. Quite a few of them are the cases where employee is blinded beacuse of an injury during work. Rest of the cases are obviously less serious than blindness, but a quality safety eyewear could prevent most of the mishaps.


According to a research conducted on top hazards that eyes of the workers are exposed to. These were:

  1. Flying particles
  2. Chemical splashes
  3. Molten metal
  4. Gases and vapors
  5. Heavy light radiation

Various Types of Safety Eyewear

Safety goggles, safety glasses, face shields, welding helmets etc are some of the types of protective gear for the eyes that are commonly used. These mentioned types are further available in many varieties meant to be used against different types of hazard circumstances.

Safety glasses are protective against flying particles and alike hazards in a workplace. You can buy safety glasses that look exactly like normal glasses that we wear. While there are also available a glasses for protection that also covers the sides of face, from right to left. You can choose to buy safety eyewear in different shades of the lenses for outdoors or indoor work. One also has an option to get reader safety glasses made with prescription lenses.

Another commonly used type of safety eyewear to buy online in India are safety goggles. These provide additional protection to the wearer by fixing against the face closely, than a safety glass. For protection against hazards such as chemicals, acids, caustic liquids, gases etc. a safety goggle is the most suitable option. Buy safety eyewears online and you can get to choose protective goggles with ventilated body, allowing air to enter or ones that are non-ventilated for worksites with fine dust.

Face shields are another type of protective eyewear that is common to be seen among workforces. For higher impact resistance and additional need to protect the face against possible hazards is where protective shields for face come into play. These have to be paired with safety goggles or glasses and are of no use when worn alone.

There is another type of eye protection gear that is available in the market. These ar eface protection gears meant for workers who perform welding task. These workers, because they are exposed to fatal light radiation, require right protective shade number that is able to filter the light. This varies with the type of work one is performing. The shade number can range from 1.5- 14 according to the work to be performed.

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