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Frames are available in various sizes. You can find a wide variety of glasses that suit your face and also fit well. Glasses can be adjusted to suit individual measurements. While selecting Oakville glasses, give more emphasis on which frame size compliments your face. Buying the right frame size will ensure the glasses fit you perfectly and comfortably and look great on you at the same time.

Frame Measurements


Frames of glasses have four basic measurements. Let us take a look at what these are.

Firstly, the eye size, measures one of the frame lens's horizontal width in millimeters. It is the measurement of one side of the structure to the other. The next is the bridge measurement. This measures the distance between the 2 lenses in millimeters. The points closest to each other in the lenses are measured here. Temple length is the measure of the temple from one extreme to the other and includes the bend as well. Several frames include an end piece extending from the frame front to the back along the temple line.

Lastly, there is the B measurement, wherein the lens's vertical height is measured. This is done from the tip to the lowest part of the frame's lens aperture. This measurement is only used when making Oakville glasses with progressive lenses or multi-focal lenses.

Correct way of reading frame sizes

Information about the size of the structure is usually printed in the inside of the structure itself. At times the measurement wears out over time. The complete lettering can be found in the areas inside the bridge and also both the temples. The measurements on the frame never include the B measurement.

Determining the best frame size for you

If you have had Oakville glasses that fits you well previously, you could use the measurement on that to buy your new structure. You could even go to a store and try frames of various sizes to find one that fits you perfectly. Another way is to measure your own self to understand your structure size. Look into the mirror, and hold a ruler in a way that it is lined up with your temple. Place a pencil or a pen on each ear to position the ears. The distance between your right and left temples should be measured in inches.

In order to convert the measurement you have taken in inches into millimeters, multiply it by 25.4. this is because 1 inch is equal to 25.4 millimeters. Once you have your measurement, make sure that you buy a frame is within either plus or minus 3 of your size.

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