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Suppose you want to have a share of what being labeled as nerdy feels like, the first thing you should choose to wear is thick rimmed glasses. Characterized by thick squarish or round full-rimmed frames, those thick rimmed glasses can place you in a position that no one can reach you either in terms of fashion or ingenuity.

In traditional sense, glasses often fall into three categories of frames: full-rimmed, semi-rimless and rimless. They all have their highlights and shortcomings. The glasses touched upon here mainly refer to full-rimmed category. Thick has the advantage of being robust and durable, thus capable of ensuring their quality and satisfactory life performance. Full-rimmed means a visible streamlined frames covering all around lenses, making sure that everything is under control and safely protecting your eyes to navigate through millions of objects. Combined in such way, thick rimmed glasses well deserve the most versatile and utility vision gear on earth. But this kind of glasses is also prone to fashion. Some of the superstars in the NBA playoffs have found a novel way to accessorize their bespoke suits: thick-rimmed, chunky, ostentatious eyeglasses. LeBrown James has a penchant for this kind of glasses. He is always sporting his trademark black square rimmed glasses, appearing so geek chic in front of the spotlight. Others like Kevin Durant and Westbrook just love that cool look imparted by thick rimmed glasses.Thick rimmed glasses are also compatible with a rainbow of colors. They often come in black, white, red and other palette of colors. This will definitely enlarge the room for their popularity. Young girls who want to look adorable and cute can flatter themselves by donning beautifully-colored frames, to make a stunning stand in the field of vogue.

Thick rimmed glasses are not that expensive as you thought. Modern technology has made it possible that every piece of fine eyewear work is produced with relatively lost cost, which means customers buy them at a lower price. Cheap eyeglasses are no longer a pipe dream. You can click your mouse and surf some website, deal clinched and mission accomplished. What convenience! Let's enjoy the fun of thick rimmed glasses!

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