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The problem is not when you find out you will be wearing reading glasses, the problem is trying on different frames and not finding the right one because if something is going to stick to your face for hours then you better make sure it suits you. People with short or long sightedness and also with problems seeing printed letters had to wear two types of glasses and suffer, which is no longer the case. What type of eye glasses suits you depends on what sort of face you have .Sometimes you look good in the rectangular while some one looks comfy in elliptical glasses. Some people look good in black color while some look good in some other colorful. So it is in fact a fashion in eyeglass as to what type of glass to wear and what color to choose.

No longer you have to compromise on glasses as these days you can get stylist and unique in reasonable price. These inexpensive eyeglasses not only protects your eye but also assist you in reading .Whether you want them while reading inside the room or you want them outside while reading in the beach ,you will find them cool. Some are colored and they change the color in accordance to the light intensity .Such can also be used as these jackets will work out for both in and outside the house.


There was a time when any person with eye sight problem had to stick with the thick glasses looking geeky .There was a time when a person with eye sight problem could just dream to wear the sun .With new technology there are several stylist eyeglasses in the market. These fashion eyeglasses may range from the thick frame to very thin frame. Sometimes huge front frame get trendy while sometimes small and thin framed glasses get in the market. Sometimes gug-type becomes trendy while sometime geeky eyeglasses takes the market. These ups and downs of fashion eyewear exists like forever but it is always your decision to understand what best suits you and what best helps you to read comfortably.

Like if you are in need of some cool inexpensive eyeglasses Brad sun Reader or Ava full reader sunglasses could be your choices. You needed not be sad if you are bi-focal as there are some cool bu-focal glasses as well like Aston Bi-focal ,April bi-focal and Chris bifocal eye glasses.

So hurry up .How long will you hold on your personality just because of poor you wear.Be sure ,poor glasses not only drags down your personality but also there is huge chance of damaging your vision .So this year ,let's start with some cool eyeglasses that will make you look smart and attractive at the same time.

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