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Eyes are the most delicate and charming feature of one's personality. And bright glowing eyes enhance your personality, by giving you an attractive look.

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There are many natural tips to make your eyes bright and attractive. But, before these tips, you should have to follow some natural cures, because without them, it will be difficult for you to look it bright and attractive. The natural cures are as follows:-

  1. Eye dark circle
  2. Puffy eyes

Eye dark circle are the main problem, that will make your looks ugly and gives a bad impression to your eyes and your face will also not look so good. So, removing of your's dark circle is very important.

A tired or puffy eye also decreases the overall beauty of your eye. If you really want attractive and bright, then you must have to cure the problem of puffy eyes.

Getting this top 10 tips for attractive and bright glowing eye given by optician are as follows:-

  • a) Milk
  • b) Honey
  • c) Leafy green vegetables
  • d) Green tea
  • e) Fruits
  • f) Fresh water splash
  • g) Sunglasses
  • h) Adequate sleep
  • i) Happy mood
  • j) Regular eye examination

For glowing human body, milk is a very necessary drink. It will give you energy and stamina to your body. Opticians forever prescribe their patients to drink milk regularly. For good health and glowing eyes, milk is a very healthy drink.

Honey has natural disinfecting and smoothing properties that reduce the chances of eye infection and create a natural glow in it. So, for attractive and bright, pour a few drops of honey into the eyes and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, as prescribed by the optician, and definitely you will get the best result.

Another tip for glowing eyes will be leafy green vegetables. A person suffering from various eye diseases is allowed to eat as much as green vegetables as he or she can. Green vegetables are very good, by eating those, then it will never suffer from any disease and also it will look bright.

Next comes the Green tea. Green tea eyewash solution is popular for making the eye feel refreshed. Make sure that green tea will be cool for washing your eyes; otherwise it may cause burning sensations. After the green tea wash, again wash your eyes with fresh water.

Eat as much as fruits if possible. Besides eating fruits, you can also apply it. Suppose, if you have a dark circles, then you can use cucumber slices or cucumber paste for the best remedy for eye cure. By using these, your eye will be fresh and clean.

If you are working regularly, using your eyes, then fresh water splash is very necessary for you. Take an interval from your work, and give a fresh water splash, by doing this, the dust particles in it will remove and will be brighter, and also you will be fresh.

To protect from UV rays, Sunglasses has been used by most of the customers. Whenever you go out, then it is very necessary to wear sunglasses, which will save you from the UV rays as well as dust particles.

Lack of sleep can also cause dark circles on your eyes. So, optician always prescribes to sleep as much as you can. Because without adequate sleep, your eyes will always look like that only. Adequate sleep of at least 6 to 8 hours is also essential and prescribed by Ophthalmologist to have an decent eyes.

For bright eyes, happy mood is also necessary. You should always be happy, if you are happy, then the effect will be automatically seen in your eyes. So, be sunny always.

The last and the most important tip for attractive and bright eyes is regular eye examination. Home Health Clinic in the UK, is very well trusted by the customers. Weekly or monthly eye test is very necessary to make your eyes bright and safe from any eye condition and diseases.

So, Home Health Clinic is one of the best famous eye care unit in UK, where patients are treated in regular basis and are also get prescribed medicine, by home visiting optician.

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