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I was looking for reputed speech therapists in Delhi , when I came across an exquisite range of eye wear which caught my eye-and in more ways than one. They were fashionable, elegant, classy yet affordable. I was also amused to realize that men still make passes at women in glasses-and more so if they are attracted by their irresistible and “intellectually intimidating” charm!

Indian Celebrities and Trendy Eye Wear Fashion


How often have you spotted your favorite silver screen icons or celebrity idols wearing dark glares or fashionable sunglasses?

Smart eye wear in 2013 is all about the statements created by the likes of Jacqueline Fernandez, Kajol , Kiran Rao and Deepika Padukone. And yes! Do not forget skippers and rock stars who have often stared back at you from behind their thickly rimmed frames.

Big Bosses in the Field of Eye Wear in India

Though they seldom see eye to eye; bigwigs dominating the national scene of fashionable eye wear, sunglasses and contact lenses offer benchmarked optical skills and international designs– to suit the tastes and requirements of their most discerning clients.

Lawrence & Mayo, GKB Opticals, Vision Express and Titan Eye + create a competitive environment in the eye care industry in India and focus on niche segments such as those of students, celebrities or corporate clients. Providing certified eye and vision care, they face tough competition from other reputed opticals in Delhi.

2013- Trends in Eye Wear

Generation next derives a lot of inspiration from their idols connected with cricket, films, music and other sports. It has been estimated that over 35 percent of the Indian populace require vision correction-provided by laser therapy, surgery, contact lenses or spectacles. Over 94 percent of them choose to wear spectacles and long to flaunt the look copied from their spectacled celebrity idols. The other 6 percent prefer to go in for contact lenses or surgery.

This unprecedented demand has triggered off loads of opportunities for those in the eye wear industry. The icing on the cake is however, the high margins in these products-which may notch up to 300 percent escalation between the cost and sales price.

Preference for luxury and International Brands

Most retail outlets showcase luxury brands like Mont Blanc, D&G, Prada, Cartier, Horn N Wood and a host of many others on their well lighted display racks. In all probability, if you are looking towards purchasing Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses, you will be introduced to an array of other exclusive brands of eye wear as well. The latest merchandize at opticals in Delhi are attracting customers by their elegance, premium look and exclusivity.

New fashion statements are being created everyday with products from Benetton, Gucci, Ray Ban, Police, Versace, Dior and Silhouette along with Elle, Vogue, Armani, Levis, Swarovski, Dunhill, Calvin Klein, Mont Blanc and Steppers-just take your pick!

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