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Your eyes work almost 18 hours in a day except when you are sleeping. They carry out lots of functions watching, recognizing in the sun, in dim light causing stress and pain to them. This stressful functioning results in various problems and infections.

Little care is enough to maintain the beauty of the eyes. This article is dedicated to all those folks who are looking for best of home remedies along with herbs for eye health.


Some of the eye infections can easily be addressed at home without actually consulting the experts but they take at least four to five days. Here are given the list of symptoms for infections and you can treat them with an immediate list of home remedies for eye care.

  • Water in the eyes: some infections fill the eyes completely with water.
  • Chronic itching: it causes constant itching.
  • Green, white or yellow discharge: Some infections cause the sticky material to flow from the eye.
  • Pain
  • Some infections makes the eyes photophobic, i.e. Eyes gets extremely sensitive to light.
  • Blurred vision: the vision gets affected due to some infections.
  • Redness of the eyes

Here are given the handful of home remedies for eye care which helps in reducing infections as well:

If you are having a repetitive occurrence of styes, use the guava leaves. Warm the leaves and put them in the damp cloth. After some time use that cloth to compress and to lessen the swelling.Hot compress is the best home remedy for eye infection. Use hot cloth and put it on eyes to reduce the swelling.Use the turmeric drop, mix one teaspoon of turmeric with 2 cups of water and put the two to three drops of the solution two times a day.Use Aloe Vera it is multipurpose herbs and great herbs for eye health. It soothes the irritations.Use chamomile, rose or lavender oil to remove infections.

To treat problems related to vision take the help of above home remedies for eye care. And consult your Ophthalmologist if problems persist for long.

One can also go for Ophthacare eye drop it is an effective herbal remedy for treating eye inflammation along with eye infections. It contains the various important and rare herbs for eye health.

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