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If you have a vision problem and want to correct it then it is important to choose the right way for it. Here you have two options that you can choose – Eyeglasses and Contact lenses. Before you select one of these you must have some knowledge about them. What are their advantages and disadvantages? So first study all the pros and cons of these two products, only then select one of them to buy.

Benefits and losses of using Eye Glasses


Many patients select eyeglasses to correct their eye sight only on the advice of their doctor however they don't know usefulness of eyeglasses. There are many benefits of using eye glasses to solve a visual problem such as:

  1. Eye protection – eyeglasses save you eye from many harmful objects e.g. dust, wind, infection, sun rays. etc.
  2. Cost – cost of eye glasses is low as compared to lenses so everyone can purchase these.
  3. Need less care – eye glasses need less care in daily use as compared to lenses.
  4. Reusable – most of the eye glasses are reusable and can be repaired in an easy way.
  5. Age – age of glasses are more if we give some care for those.
  6. Easily available – these are easily available in the market.
  7. No risk – if we use these to correct our vision we have no risk to our eye parts.
  8. Safer – eye glasses are safer since they not touch any internal part of our eyes.
  9. Easy to wear – these are easy to wear so children, adults and old age persons can wear them easily.

Many of us not using eyeglasses because they also have some drawbacks, for example they cannot provide a clear vision as lenses give, some of us avoid them due to personality reason. In some cases such as in active sports they are unacceptable. So many people find them inconvenient and uncomfortable since they have to wear extra weight near their noise for the whole day.

Contact lenses pros and cons

Contact lenses become very popular these days. Most people select these to make their vision perfect. However some of us use them for the style. They also have some good and bad points. Good points are:

  1. They provide a clear vision as compared to glasses and it is the most important reason people buy them.
  2. With lenses you don't need to wear and extra weight over your eyes.
  3. One other reason for their popularity is no one can guess that you wear a lens.
  4. These lenses are available in different -2 colors and types. So you can select according to your choice. If you buy a color that you don't like after one wear then you can try the next one.
  5. They can change your personality and make it more attractive.

Cons are

However contact lenses are very popular what they have many weak points. Their bad points are: they are very costly if we compare them with the glasses. They touch internal parts of our eye so can damage or create problems for our eye sight if not wear in a proper way. They are not reusable means if you use them one time then their total life depend on your care some little mistake can cause a big problem for that. Age of lenses also small, they need special care in daily routine. They are not available easily and cannot be wearing without any suggestion. Chances of their loss are more since they are very small in size.

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