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Most people associated changes in eyesight as a sign of aging. When a person has thick glasses, or wears bifocal glasses, we quickly associate them with certain mid to above 50 age groups. Whereas it is quite common for a person to need both near and far vision correction due to problems in eye shape or due to surgery/trauma of eyes.

Most people are born with a vision that slowly develops as the eyes start to develop the ways as to how it functions. When a baby is born, their eyesight is quite limited and they roughly have a visual acuity of 20/400 and they attain a vision that's close to 20/20 by the age of three years to four years. If your child has a difficulty seeing from birth or has lazy eye syndrome, helping them with a pediatric eye doctor's suggestions will be best.


With the ages five and above, a child understands and perceives the world around them and develop sense of colors, and are highly responsive to colorful crafts, and projects. They are known to grow better understanding of close world and sometimes too, these kids might have eye problems which can be solved with the use of children glasses and kids eyeglasses.

With excessive use of digital devices, many people develop eye problems which can be broadly classified into a collective term- computer vision syndrome. The excessive exposure to High Intensity and harmful blue violet light often causes eyes to work more to keep the things in the front at focus. There is also increased exposure to bad blue lights, as well as increased amounts of fatigue and eye strain.

With 40+ aged people, experiencing difficulty in reading as well as doing close work in quite natural and presbyopia is the reason behind it. With age, eyes lose their ability to quickly shift between the objects and find it difficult to work with close objects and small text. A progressive lens can be a great lifesaver for a person with troubled vision.

With ages above 60+ many people experience a cloudy feel over their lenses, also known as cataracts and are highly successful in increasing visual clarity. There is also a problem of macular degeneration which is highly difficult to deal with and can reach to a problem where eyesight is damaged permanently and the people become blind.

There is always a way to find better eyesight and it all starts with the decision to take care of eyesight properly and also with the limited dependence on digital devices.

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